Chem& 406

CHEM 406: Biochemistry II - 5 credits

The second in a two-quarter sequence for students in the Bachelor in Applied Science in Molecular Biosciences, science majors and students interested in careers in pharmacy, dentistry, medicine, veterinary medicine and medical technology. Topics include lipid structure, metabolism, transport and biosynthesis, nucleic acid structure and function, DNA replication, transcription and translation. Previously CHEM 266. Only CHEM 266 or CHEM 406 can be taken for credit, not both. Prerequisite: CHEM 405 with a C or better.

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About this course

This is the second course in a two-quarter biochemistry sequence for students preparing to enter the Schools of Pharmacy, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Medicine and undergraduate majors in Chemistry and Biochemistry. Topics include lipid structure, metabolism, transport and biosynthesis, amino acid metabolism, nucleic acid metabolism, structure and function, DNA replication, transcription, translation and the control of gene expression.

It is a 5 credit class, where we meet every week for 4 periods (50 minutes each) for lecture and discussion.

The class has also a lab component (1 hour a week) where we work on short experiments, case studies and computer modeling exercises.

A single section of Chem 406 has a maximum of 24 students. A double section can have up to 48 students, but the lab and discussion portion of the class will be done in 2 groups of 24 students.

Chem 406 (previously Chem 266) transfers to UW as BIOC 406.

This is the link to the Chem 406 (previously Chem 266) syllabus from Spring 2012:


Comments from a student that took both Chem 405 and Chem 406 (previously Chem 265/266) at Bellevue College

If you are interested in Health Sciences graduate school — medical, dental, pharmaceutical — I can’t give this course series a strong enough recommendation. It is intellectually rigorous and covers material in impressive depth. I took the MCAT three months after finishing this two-course series and breezed through the biochemistry sections. This class had already covered literally everything I needed to know for the MCAT. Friends from this class who are now in top medical schools have said their biochem is a breeze after the foundation learned from Jacqui’s course.

Yes, the course material is challenging. And it’s a lot of work. But I promise you that Jacqui will do literally everything in her power to help you both master the material and do well in her class. She will provide extra study sessions on weekends, massively detailed exam prep worksheets, and answer keys for every piece of homework, case study, or exam. Grading is eminently fair and Jacqui will always give the student the benefit of the doubt in grading. I honestly felt like Jacqui woke up every day thinking about how to help us (the students) learn this material and succeed in her class.

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