Chemistry Help

About Chemistry – many topics, tutorials, and ideas for experiments.

Atomic Orbital Viewer 

An Intro to the Electronic Structure of Atoms/Molecules

Electronegativity and Polar Bonds

Chem4Kids (for the kid in all of us)

Crystals Help Page (to view various unit cells) From Purdue Univ.

More on Crystal Structures (

Electronic Flashcards for Organic Chem

Lecture Help Pages for Gen Chem

Gen Chem Online!

Brett’s Troubleshooting Page for Chem 121/161

Chem Tours: Free online tutorials/animations/quizzes/study plans!

Virtual Textbooks

Organic Chemistry: A Virtual Textbook

Libre Texts

For Fun

Chemistry Songs

Mentos and Diet Coke Fountains

Video on Ferrofluids

The Science Behind Glass

Other Links

Scientific Videos on DNATube

Chemistry Resources on the Web

Countertop Chemistry @ the Science House

Virtual Chemistry (virtual experiments and quizzes)

Chemistry,Structures and 3-D molecules


Lisa Diebolt’s Chemistry Links (nice collection)

Resources for Chemistry Teachers

Journal of Chemical Education


Chem Animations and Simulations (Iowa State Univ.)

Chem Web Resources for teachers (Rob Rinehart)

Last Updated February 21, 2022