It is recommended that all students go through the Advising department. For Science Advising, please make an appointment with Science Advisor Jonny Diehl (call 425-564-2321 for an appointment).


Chemistry Advising Flow Chart

General advice based on area of study:

Liberal arts majors

Most likely you will need a science lab course for distribution credits. You should choose a chemistry course based on your interests and level of preparation. Most students would take CHEM 100 (5 cr., no lab) or CHEM& 110 (6 cr., lab) – these courses assume no previous knowledge of chemistry and do not have math prerequisites.

However, for students who are undecided and interested in a science/health major, consider these choices:

Allied-health majors (nursing, ultrasound, etc.) –

It is recommended that you take math (and English) before taking chemistry. Most programs will require CHEM& 121 (specifically designed for health majors) but some programs (B.S.N.) may require CHEM& 161, a course designed for science and engineering majors. Check with your intended program – the expectations for these two courses are very different. ***Pre-professional health students (pre-meds, pre-dental, pre-pharmacy, pre-vet) should take CHEM& 140 and/or CHEM& 161 (see below).

Science/engineering majors/pre-professional health (pre-med, pre-dental, pre-pharmacy, pre-vet) –

Most likely you will start off with CHEM& 161 if you’ve had chemistry in high school (or a previous chem course in college) and sufficient math (placement into Math 141).

If you haven’t had any previous chemistry courses in high school or college, you should start with CHEM& 121 or Chem& 140, which is a prep course for specifically for CHEM& 161.

If you‘ve had previous college chemistry courses (equivalent to our CHEM& 121/CHEM& 140) and you’ve had math courses (precalculus), then submit these transcripts to the online prerequisite check to get cleared: (allow 5-7 days for the request)

If you’ve had chemistry before but no college credit, it is required that you take a chemistry placement exam to ensure you are at an adequate level of preparation for this course. More information about the chemistry placement exam:

Last Updated January 6, 2023