Meet the Staff

Teacher leading circle time

The Center has a core staff of Early Childhood Specialists and Teachers who are employees of BC. Each teacher is required to have a minimum of an associate’s degree with 45 credits of Early Childhood Education. Many of our teachers also have their bachelors degree in Education or Early Childhood Education.

ELC maintains adult-child ratios of 1:4 for infants, 1:7 for toddler, and 1:10 for preschool/pre-K classrooms according to state licensing requirements.

Teacher playing in sand table with children

Because our program is enhanced with Early Childhood Student Teachers and BC students, the adult-child ratio is often lower. Our student support staff may change quarterly to allow students experience with a broad range of age groups.

Additional support and services are available through administrative support staff which includes Director, Assistant Director, Program Manager, Teacher Specialists, Family Advocate, and Cook.

Staff Photo
Mahboobeh Narsrollah
Brian Cooper
Brian Cooper
Francis Bivens

Staff Photo
Tiffany Xiong
Lisa-Ann Owens

Rita Ruffin
Yen-Chiu Ong
Naghmeh Fahmhesari

Wendy Cotes
Annie Gu
Julie Crew
Mackenzie Swenson
Khazal Faraj

Donna Flannery
Mala Krishnan
Karen Carpenter
Page Knapp
Joshua Tjella

Vanessa VonPapp-Toddler Specialist
Linda Boyd-Infant and Young Toddler Specialist
Rafael Rosa-Cook

Lisa Miller-Director
Pam England-Assistant Director
Elisabeth Bothwell-Program Manager

Last Updated September 22, 2022