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Eligibility requirement for 1 month of rental assistance

  • Enrolled in 6 credits or more OR be degree-seeking at a Benefits Hub partner college
  • Behind on rent OR behind on mortgage OR located a new place to live
  • Demonstrate financial need: have a monthly household income below 50% Area Median Income OR be impacted by COVID-19
  • Have NOT already received housing support funds this quarter

Eligibility requirement for up to 6 months of rental assistance (EXPIRES DECEMBER 21)

  • Student lives in Seattle
  • Student is enrolled in 6 credits or more OR is in a credential/degree-seeking program
  • Have a household monthly income below 50% AMI
  • Be behind on rent
  • If student has worked with BH program before: must make an appointment via this link: https://www.uwkc.org/benefitshub/
  • If a student HAS NOT worked with BH before, they can fill out this form: bit.ly/bh-renthelp

Here are some things students should prepare ahead of starting the application: For the 6 month rental assistance program.

  • Photo ID
  • Copy of Lease, if couch surfing they will have to download a form for self-certification which is on the rent application
  • Landlord/Property Manager Contact Information
  • Proof of Income for Adults in Household (not required, but will have to at least know how much and type of income each adult makes)

Again the program is time-limited, so it is important we get as many students as possible to apply before December 21 (will give us time to process application by deadline of December 31).

Behind on Rent?
Living in Seattle Enrolled in at least 6 credits Or in a degree seeking program Make less than 50% Area Median Income Who qualifies? You must be…
You may qualify to receive up to 6 months in back-pay

I have worked with Benefits Hub before:

Make an appointment.

I have not worked with Benefits Hub before:

Fill out this form.

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Last Updated December 3, 2020