Mask Wear and Care

What Makes a Good Mask

How to Wear Your Mask

  • Make sure you mask:
    • Fits tightly and securely against your face
    • Covers both your nose and mouth at all times
    • Does not slide up and down your face when speaking
  • Check for leakage by placing both hands over the mask and exhale. If you feel leakage, adjust as necessary.
  • When removing your mask, handle the straps. Do not touch the front of your mask to prevent contamination.
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How to Care for Your Mask

  • N95 masks can be reused up to 5 times with proper care (or 40 hours with proper care).
  • Store in a clean paper bag between uses to dry out. Allow a minimum of 5 days between uses.
  • Create a daily rotation of masks to allow drying time and note how many uses on the paper bag (1, 2, 3, etc.). Example:
    • Monday Mask – 1 (times used already)
    • Tuesday Mask – 2 (times used already)
    • Wednesday Mask – 3 (times used already)
  • Always discard masks after 5th use or when dirty or damaged


CDC Guidance for reuse of N95 respirators

CDC NIOSH Guidance on Proper Mask Usage

CDC Effective Masks

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Last Updated February 4, 2022