Career Development Suite

Career Development

Career Development Suite

Be the most you can be, so life will be more because you were.  – Susan Glaspell

This suite is for those of you who are wishing to move forward in your career, whether you are applying for a new position or a new promotional level. Over the year, you can participate in one or all the following workshops. No stipends are available for these workshops.

*To find out if a particular workshop is being offered this quarter and to register, please go to our Current Events Catalog.

Writing and Updating Your Faculty CV

Is it time to update your CV? Are you confident you know the difference between a resume or CV? How do other college instructors structure their CV? Join your colleagues in this 2-session workshop designed to support your newest CV updates, whether you’re applying for a new position, for promotion, or just wanting to keep up with your CV.

Preparing for the Interview

You’ve made the first cut, and maybe even the second! Now you are called in for the interview. An
interview for a full-time faculty position may include a variety of components: a campus tour, a meet
and greet, a timed question/answer session, a writing prompt, or a teaching demonstration. Learn more
about interviews and consider ways to practice so you are prepared to impress!

Writing Your Teaching Philosophy Statement

Do you have a teaching philosophy? Do your students know what it is? Could you articulate it in writing?
What about in an in-person interview? A statement of teaching philosophy is often a requirement for
tenure-track teaching jobs (and increasingly for adjunct teaching jobs as well) and being able to
articulate your teaching philosophy can also be helpful for promotional purposes. Sample statements of
teaching philosophy will be shared with participants

Writing Your Diversity Statement

Do you have a current Diversity Statement? Can you articulate your commitment to diversity, equity, and
inclusion in writing? What about in an interview? A Diversity Statement is now a requirement for any employment
in Higher Ed and articulating your commitment to diversity and equity is also important for promotional purposes.
This 2-session workshop will focus on the types of information commonly looked for in faculty diversity
statements. We will also provide opportunities to build your understanding of diversity and reflect on your
positionality. Sample statements and rubrics will be shared with participants.

Applying for Sabbatical Leave

Thinking about a sabbatical? We encourage you to come to this session to meet with members of the Sabbatical Leave Committee. We will review the most up-to-date application process, requirements, and timeline, as well as provide examples of applications from faculty who have recently been awarded sabbatical. Applications will be due late January or early February 2022 for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Last Updated November 2, 2021