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about us

The Faculty Commons provides space and organized activities for faculty seeking opportunities for:

  • Faculty Development
  • Community and Wellness
  • Mentoring and Advocacy
  • Career Development

What is the Faculty Commons?

The Faculty Commons is a contractual entity that was designed into the BCAHE Faculty Contract during the 2010-11 negotiating year.

What is the contractual mission of the Faculty Commons?

The College shall support a Faculty Commons, designed to provide, facilitate and support faculty-guided innovation and adaptation of curriculum and pedagogy as well as other forms of faculty professional development that contribute to student success and to the educational mission and goals of the College. The Commons will support both full-time and adjunct faculty.

What is the vision of the Faculty Commons?

The vision of the Faculty Commons is to facilitate a supportive and collaborative environment based on faculty identified needs for growth and development.

Who provides leadership for the Faculty Commons?

The BCAHE Faculty Contract of 2010-2011 established that the Faculty Commons shall be determined by a Commons Council and executed by the Faculty Commons Director. The Faculty Commons Director serves a three-year renewable term as the principal researcher, strategist, organizer, marketer, and executor for the Faculty Commons programs and activities. The Director shall inspire and promote ideas of others, and facilitates the execution of those ideas through effective programming. In Summer 2023, Sajonna Sletten, BaTS Faculty Member, started as the current Chair.

The Faculty Commons Chair works under the guidance of the Faculty Commons Council. The Council is comprised of:

  • Up to two (2) voting faculty representatives elected from each current Division
  • Up to three (3) deans appointed by the Provost or designee
  • The Association President (BCAHE) or designee (ex-officio as a non-voting member)

In addition, the Faculty Commons has a Program Manager. The role of the program manager is to develop and manage office operations, promote the offerings of the Commons, manage the budget set by the Faculty Commons Council and Chair, coordinate events and workshops, and collaborate with the Chair and Leads to bring innovations to life!

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Last Updated January 9, 2024