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Tenure-Track Mentoring Program

The Bellevue College Tenure-Track Mentoring Program is run by the Faculty Commons and supported by the Office of Academic Affairs. It is designed to support recently hired full-time faculty as they adjust to and navigate the first year of the tenure process. Recognizing that each tenure candidate is different—some are experienced teachers while others are brand new to teaching, some are long-time Puget Sound residents while others just moved to the area—the mentoring program offers one-on-one and small group mentoring as well as cohort activities to help each individual in each tenure cohort feel supported and part of a larger faculty community.

Support Opportunities

Participation in the mentoring program provides candidates with opportunities to:

  • navigate the first year of the tenure process
  • orient themselves to the college
  • reflect on their personal and professional goals
  • foster meaningful working relationships outside their program and division
  • foster a sense of community within the first-year tenure cohort
  • receive constructive feedback related to their teaching
  • familiarize themselves with the offerings in the Faculty Commons.

One-On-One Mentoring

  • Each tenure candidate is assigned a tenured faculty mentor. These mentors are considered tenure process neutral and do not fill out a peer evaluation or otherwise inform the tenure process. Each mentor-mentee pair is expected to maintain confidentiality and meet for at least two hours per quarter to support the candidate in those areas that the candidate most needs/wants support. These meetings may be online or on the phone until it is safe to meet on campus again.
  • Tenure candidates are also encouraged to connect with Leslie Lum, the Mentoring Program Lead. Leslie is available to meet online or chat on the phone until it is safe to meet on campus again. The Mentoring Lead is considered tenure process neutral and does not fill out a peer evaluation or otherwise inform the tenure process.

Adjunct Mentoring Program

The Faculty Commons Adjunct Mentoring Program brings new and current faculty together with trained mentors to provide support in a coordinated way. A survey of needs helps us create a meaningful mentoring pair. Mentors can provide an early point of connection, to orient and welcome faculty to the Bellevue College campus community and resources, as well as support instruction or receive support to advance their career.

Since the start of the Adjunct Mentoring Program in Fall 2017, 70 adjunct faculty have received 350 hours of mentoring with a trained faculty mentor. Mentors have received a total of 53 hours of mentor training. Adjunct faculty from all 7 areas of the college have received mentoring, by 23 different mentors from 5 divisions. Mentoring pairs have also had access to 452 hours of one-on-one support by the Adjunct Support Lead.

Our program promotes connection, communication, trust, and community. To support the growth of our faculty, we incorporate the practice of reflection on each instructor’s current position, goals, and teaching approaches. Mentors are afforded a significant leadership opportunity and a chance to re-invigorate their passion for their career by sharing their expertise with others.


Participate in the Adjunct Mentoring Program as a Mentee!

Fall 2023-Winter 2024 Cohort

Faculty Commons is accepting applications for adjunct faculty who are interested in being paired with a trained mentor for Fall 2023. All Adjunct Faculty who are currently teaching at BC are eligible to participate in the mentoring program as mentees, even if you’ve participated before.

Not only do you receive exceptional one-on-one mentoring, but you can also earn 6 or 12 hours of professional development by participating in our Adjunct Mentoring Program. Here are focus areas mentees can choose to work on with their mentor:

  • Improving instruction such as teaching techniques, understanding our BC student population, grading, syllabi, etc.
  • Navigating the power, political, and cultural structures of the college
  • Understanding institutional processes such as policies, procedures, formal/informal communication processes
  • Engaging with campus resources such as: student-facing services, faculty support, community engagement
  • Getting involved in campus/student life
  • Collaborating across departments & divisions, getting involved in governance, building networks
  • Applying for a Full-Time Temporary/Tenure Track Faculty Position
  • Maintaining work/life balance, relocating to the area, etc.

The mentor-mentee collaboration will be one quarter. You will be meeting for a minimum of 6 hours during Fall Quarter. Then, in Winter 2024, the entire cohort will have the option to continue working together through regular Teaching Talks. Our program promotes connection, communication, trust, and community. To support the growth of our faculty, we incorporate the practice of reflective conversations on each instructor’s current position, goals, and teaching approaches.

Fall: One-on-One Mentoring – 6 Hours

In the first quarter, mentoring pairs are matched based on a survey of needs. Mentees explore their roles, responsibilities, and individual goals within the scope of the Bellevue College culture of Teaching and Learning Excellence with the guidance of an advocate in their trained mentor without the pressure of formal evaluation. Mentees regularly meet their mentors in a mutually agreed upon way.

Winter: Teaching Talks – 6 Hours

Mentees can choose to continue working together through regular Teaching Talks to share teaching, job, and other concerns and discuss techniques and strategies with experienced and inspiring instructors.
Mentees: Upon completion of this two-quarter program, participants will earn a certificate of twelve hours of professional development.

We will accept applicants for Fall Quarter until Thursday, September 21. Use the following form to apply: Please register to join our mentoring program as a mentee!!

Questions about how it works? Email Taylor Dalrymple for more information.


President and VPs Office Hours

Take advantage of a direct connection to leadership! Come and talk with the president and vice presidents during their office hours. They are interested in hearing what’s happening in your area of the college as well as brainstorming improvements. We make every effort to schedule each person at least once per quarter. Because of their ever-changing schedules, watch for our weekly emails for the most up-to-date schedule. You can also visit their SharePoint site for more information about the areas on campus they oversee and their initiatives.

Faculty Commons Leads Office Hours

All of the Leads in the Commons hold weekly office hours to support you. You may drop in or contact the Leads directly to schedule an appointment or communicate via email. The current Leads are:

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