Pre-Arrival, Orientation, & Contact Information for J-1 Exchange Visitor

Bellevue College (BC) welcomes Exchange Visitors (i.e., Scholars and Exchange Students). The Office of Global Initiatives (GI) at Bellevue College is here to help you. We hope you will enjoy your stay at BC and be successful.

View the Pre-Arrival Information Brochure for more details of the followings:

  • Purpose of J-1 Exchange Visitor Program
  • Sevis Fee & J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa
  • Travel To & Entry Into The United States
  • Arriving in the US: Notification Requirement, Mandatory Arrival Orientation
  • Working in the US: Employment in J-1 Exchange Scholars Status, Employment in J-1 Exchange Student Status, Two-Year Home Residency Requirement, Social Security, and Taxes
  • J-1 Exchange Visitor Status: Maintaining J-1 Exchange Visitor Status, Studying in J-1 Exchange Visitor Status, Transfer of J-1 Sponsorship to BC
  • Attending Bellevue College: Create BC Email Account (NetId), Class Schedules
  • Driving In The US: Obtaining US Driver’s License, International Driver’s License, Automobile Insurance
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Mandatory Orientation:

J-1 Exchange Students and Scholars are REQUIRED BY LAW to meet with a Responsible Officer (RO) or Alternate Responsible Officer (ARO) within three (3) days of their program start date. Email Bellevue College (BC) Global Initiatives office at or call 425-564-3052 to schedule an Exchange Student/Scholar Orientation. If an Exchange Student/Scholar does not schedule an orientation within three (3) days of the program start date on the form DS-2019, that Exchange Student/Scholar may lose his/her legal status in the US.

In this mandatory orientation, the Exchange Student/Scholar also gets these information:

Responsible Officer (RO):

Diem O’Rourke (Mrs.)
Diem O'Rourke's Photo
J-1 Immigration Compliance and Program Specialist
Office of Global Initiatives
(425) 564-3052 Tel (direct)
(425) 564-3169 Tel (main)
(425) 641-0246 Fax Email (direct) Email (main)


Alternate Responsible Officer (ARO):

Jean D’Arc Campbell, Ph.D. (Mr.)
Photo of Dean of OIEGI, Jean D'Arc Campbell
Dean of International Education and Global Initiatives
(425) 564-3160 Tel (direct)
(425) 564-3169 Tel (main)
(425) 641-0246 Fax Email (direct) Email (main)


Kazumi Hada(Ms.)
Photo of the Director of International Education, Kazumi Hada
Director of International Education
(425) 564-4068 Tel (direct)
(425) 564-3169 Tel (main)
(425) 641-0246 Fax Email (direct) Email (main)


Shpresa Hope Halimi, Ph.D.(Ms.)
Shpresa Halimi's Photo
Director of Global Initiatives
(425) 564-5214 Tel (direct)
(425) 564-3169 Tel (main)
(425) 641-0246 Fax Email (direct) Email (main)

Last Updated April 9, 2018