Welcome to Global Initiatives!

Dr. Halimi, former Director of Global Initiatives (2015-2019), once said:

The Global Initiatives department’s role is to become a powerful catalyst in campus wide comprehensive internationalization efforts. Global Initiatives works on instilling a global perspective in our students by exposing them to other countries, cultures and languages; it creates avenues and crafts opportunities for international faculty and staff development and internationalization of curriculum; and fosters partnership building with institutions of higher education around the world.

These initiatives reflect the awareness that internationalization has to become more inclusive by focusing on both mobility and curriculum. As a vibrant, essential unit in the College, we actively engage locally and globally by providing service and opportunities for student, faculty and staff.

I also invite you to read a summary of Global Initiative’s Strategic Plan – a road map for comprehensive internationalization at BC  (“Road Map to Comprehensive Internationalization” chart [PDF]).