About Our Program


The Health Promotion and Education Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree at Bellevue College prepares students to develop, implement, and manage health promotion programs for individuals, communities, and organizations. Our mission is to promote wellness and health literacy, improve health equity, prevent injuries, infectious and chronic disease.

Program Details

  • Wednesday evening classes starting no earlier than 4 p.m.
  • Hybrid Cohort Model: courses are in a hybrid modality and there is a new cohort of students that start each year.
  • Upon completion of the program, students should be able to apply knowledge of:
    • health promotion and health education
    • program development and management
    • health communications and marketing
    • motivational interviewing & behavior change
    • policy evaluation and survey research
Work Life Balance

Program Requirements

Transfer Credit From Other Schools

If any coursework has been taken at other colleges, students should go through the Bellevue College transfer credit process first. This will help our program know if coursework taken at other schools can be used for our prerequisite and corequisite requirements.

Prerequisite and Corequisite Requirements

Explore the Health Promotion and Education BAS program catalog to learn about our prerequisite and corequisite program requirements, learning outcomes and and see descriptions on each of our core courses.

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Last Updated June 27, 2023