At the center of Bellevue College is our mission to help students succeed. This appears in different ways across campus. The Health Promotion and Education program works to provide accurate information regarding admission and advising! Please review the information below and reach out with any additional questions you might have!

As a student, you will receive an education plan specifically tailored to fit your interests, your previous coursework, and your schedule all while meeting the degree requirements for your program. Your education plan will be provide you the framework for your time here in the program. It is imperative that you follow your education plan exactly. Deterring from your education plan may cause your graduation timeline to extend. Any changes to your education plan must be discussed with your Program Manager or Program Chair prior to implementing the changes.

As you progress through the program, it’s important to check in periodically with the program regarding your educational plan. We use these plans to estimate enrollment for upcoming quarters and plan our curriculum to meet demand.  You can help us make sure the courses you want are available when you want them by letting us know anytime you make changes to the courses outlined on your plan.

If you have taken courses at other colleges that you are hoping to use for our program’s requirements, it is best to go through the official transfer credit process at Bellevue College as soon as possible. This process can take several weeks to complete, so we recommend you get started early. Once your credits are transferred over, you can reach out to our program manager to get an idea of when you should apply to our program.

For questions about our program or to schedule an online advising appointment, please email

For our Health Promotion and Education program, Math 130 or BA 240 is a co-requisite that students are required to complete in order to satisfy the Math Statistics requirement of the program. In order to register for this course, you must either take the math placement test at Bellevue College and place into the course or you can clear the prerequisites by taking lower math courses and working your way up to Math 130 or BA 240. If you have math courses that you have taken at other colleges that may be the equivalent to the prerequisite courses, you can complete a clear/verify prerequisite form to get them evaluated by Placement and Testing Services.

To learn more about the math or English placement tests, please visit the Placement and Testing Services webpage.

If you need additional help to refresh your math knowledge before taking the math placement exam, you can try out the following resources from Khan Academy:

You can learn more about our program by attending an upcoming information session.

Students should register early to avoid waitlists and late registration. It is highly recommend that you register as early as possible. Seats in general education courses such as ENGL 201 or BUS& 101 cannot be guaranteed by our program. Please note special registration and payment deadlines each quarter. Learn more about registration…

Bellevue College offers affordable tuition rates at all levels. Tuition and fee rates are set by the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) which acts upon legislative authority. These rates are set on an annual basis. Learn more about tuition and fees…

Last Updated November 15, 2023