Vision Boards

A vision board is a tool to help you gain clarity. It helps you concentrate on your goals and provides focus for your life goals! They are particularly helpful when enrolled in school and when seeking employment!

1. The Basics – Choose a large piece of card, poster board, cork board or canvas big enough to spaciously arrange your selected words and images so that they have plenty of space to grow. You’ll also need pens, scissors, glue or pins, sticky tape, current photograph of yourself, and a big pile of assorted magazines.

2. Prepare a Space – Find somewhere quiet where you can be undisturbed and completely relaxed. Gather all the materials you need together so that they are within easy reach. Do whatever it takes to make the space feel as comfortable and special as possible.

3. Mindset Magic – Let go of anything you feel you ‘should, ought to or must’ aspire towards. Give yourself permission to explore the things that you really want to welcome more of in your life/business.

• Ask yourself the following questions: “What would I like to be, do or have in my life and my business if I knew it was okay to have anything I wanted? If I knew I deserved it? If I had full support from others? If I knew I could succeed? If I had no fear? If I had abundant resources and all the time I needed?”

4. Mission Statement – Connect with your sense of purpose and write a mission statement to summarize what it is you want to manifest in your life. Often we expressed the essence of our life purpose in the things that intrigued and occupied us as children. Also in the dreams we had of what we wanted to do when we ‘grew up’.

• Take three deep breaths, turn your focus inward and ask yourself “what am I here to do”. Notice what thoughts, feelings or sensations you get. Write your mission statement in the first person.

• Underneath your mission statement write the things you will experience as you actualize this vision of yourself.

5. Look, Snip and Stick – Have fun looking through magazines for images and words that inspire you. When you feel you have enough images sit for a few minutes sorting through your images. Simply focus on keeping all the images you love looking at and trust your intuition on any pictures that don’t feel right.

6. Position with Pride – Proudly display your board somewhere in your home where you are most active during the day and will see it regularly (even if this is from your peripheral vision). Ensure the space around your board supports your vision, clear away any clutter or things that don’t reflect the words and images on your board.

7. Ongoing Process – Allow your vision board to be a continuously moving creation with room to add more images as your ideas develop and change. Whenever you bring something on your board into being, celebrate and express gratitude for this success.

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A special thank you to Megan Sykes from the Health Sciences, Education, & Wellness Institute for sharing this article with us!

PDF: VisionBoard_PDF

Last Updated November 30, 2017