Transition from RAIS to HCML

Beginning Fall 2016, the BAS in Radiation and Imaging Sciences – Management concentration (RAIM) is transitioning to the new BAS degree in Healthcare Management & Leadership! Click here to find out more.

Distance Education

Students may complete the BAS in Radiation and Imaging Sciences entirely from a distance through a mixture of fully online and synchronous distance-based evening courses.


You must have a national primary certification in the field of radiologic technology, diagnostic ultrasound, radiation therapy or nuclear medicine to be eligible for the bachelor of applied science (BAS) degree.

RAIM Cross Walk

The transition from the Radiation & Imaging Management (RAIM) courses to Healthcare Management & Leadership (HCML) courses may produce some confusion for currently enrolled students regarding the courses they have already completed and the courses that still need to be completed. To reduce this confusion find the OLD RAIM course(s) that you still need to complete then …more about RAIM Cross Walk

Cost & Assistance

A breakdown of fees and associated costs for attending the RAIS program as well as information regarding forms of financial assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the five BAS concentrations? How long will it take me to finish? What courses are offered through the program?