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Prefer to look by subject? Here’s our list of databases organized by subject.

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Database NameDescriptionTutorial
ABI Inform Trade and IndustryDatabase of business, trade, and industry information (ProQuest sub-database)
Academic Search CompleteThis large, general database provides articles on many subject areas (EBSCOhost sub-database)video
ACM Digital LibraryThis database, from the Association of Computing Machinery, provides access to full-text of all ACM publications and the ACM Guide to Computing Literature
AgricolaDatabase of records from the National Agriculture Library. (EBSCOhost sub-database)
AHFS Consumer Medication InformationDatabase of medication information written in lay language for the consumer, in English and Spanish (EBSCOhost sub-database)
Alt HealthWatchDatabase of information on complementary, holistic and integrated approaches to health care and wellness (EBSCOhost sub-database)
Annual Reviews Biomedical CollectionThis collection of over 25 journals includes topics such as bioscience, genetics, immunology, medicine, and
Art Full TextDatabase of information relating to art and design (EBSCOhost sub-database)
ARTstorDatabase thousands of digital images, primarily photographs of artwork from around the worldvideo
A-Z World BusinessBusiness Guides by country covering business culture, marketing, communications, etc.
Books 24x7
Database of e-books on information technologyvideo tutorial
Business and Management VideosDatabase of videos on Business and Management from Sage Publications
Business Market Research collectionDatabase of business information, including Hoover's Company Profiles (ProQuest sub-database)video
Business Source UltimateDatabase of business and law information, including historical and current trends. Also contains company profiles (EBSCOhost sub-database)
CheckpointDatabase of tax and Treasury information.
CINAHL CompleteThe most comprehensive database of articles about nursing and allied health (EBSCOhost sub-database)video
Computer SourceDatabase of information and trends in technology (EBSCOhost sub-database)
Consumer Health DatabaseDatabase of health information geared towards consumers (ProQuest sub-database)
CultureGramsDatabase of cultural information on different countries, the US states and Canadian provinces.
Directory of Open Access JournalsThis directory covers free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals
E-AnatomyThis digital atlas provides modules by anatomy section or by imaging modality (CT or MRI)
Note: This database no longer requires a special username and password. For more information, read the eAnatomy User Guide
video tutorial
EBSCOhostLarge database with many sub-databases, covering many subjectsvideo tutorial
eBook CollectionE-books on a variety of topics (EBSCOhost sub-database)video tutorial
eBook Community College CollectionDatabase of eBooks on a variety topics across programs and fields of study offered in Community Colleges
eBook Nursing CollectionDatabase of eBooks on nursing topics
eLibraryDatabase of magazines, newspapers, books, and transcripts
eMarketer ProDatabase of marketing, media, advertising, and consumer information.
ERICDatabase of articles about education (EBSCOhost sub-database)
Ethnic NewsWatchDatabase of articles from ethnic and minority presses (ProQuest sub-database)
EuromonitorDatabase of marketing data by industry, category, geography and morevideo tutorial
Films on DemandFilms on Demand provides online streaming videos on general tutorial
Fuente AcadémicaDatabase of scholarly journals from Latin America, Portugal and Spain (EBSCOhost sub-database)
Funk & Wagnalls New World EncyclopediaDatabase of encyclopedia articles (EBSCOhost sub-database)
Gale Virtual Reference LibraryCollection of e-books on law, medicine, science and social science
Green FileDatabase of articles relating to human impact on the environment (EBSCOhost sub-database)
Harvard Business eBook CollectionCollection of eBooks on a variety of topics published by Harvard Business Publishing (EBSCOhost sub-database)video tutorial
Health Source: Consumer EditionDatabase of health information geared towards consumers (EBSCOhost sub-database)
Health Source: Nursing/Academic EditionDatabase of scholarly health information (EBSCOhost sub-database)
Healthcare AdministrationDatabase of topics related to Healthcare Administration, including 800 key journals (ProQuest sub-database)video tutorial
IEEE XploreDatabase of the top 25 IEEE STEM Journals. After conducting a search, make sure to select "Subscribed Content" in the tan box on the left.
JSTORDatabase of scholarly articles in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences video tutorial
Kanopy StreamingPlatform for streaming media, primarily documentaries
Legal CollectionDatabase of scholarly articles from 250 law journals (EBSCOhost sub-database)
LinkedIn LearningThis database (formerly contains training videos on a variety of tutorial
MAS Ultra School EditionDatabase of easier-to-read articles covering many subjects (EBSCOhost sub-database)
MedicLatinaDatabase of medical research articles from Spanish and Latin American publishers (EBSCOhost sub-database)
MedlineDatabase of scholarly information from a variety of health and medical fields (EBSCOhost sub-database)
Middle Search PlusDatabase of easier-to-read articles from magazines, as well as biographies and historical essays (EBSCOhost sub-database)
Military and Government CollectionDatabase of articles relating to all branches of the military and government (EBSCOhost sub-database)
Netter's Atlas of Human AnatomyOver 500 of Netter's classic anatomy images for clinical reference and medical education, complemented with selected videos from Netter's 3-D Interactive Anatomyvideo tutorial
New York TimesDatabase of the New York Times 1980 to the Present (ProQuest sub-database)
News for YouNewspaper of current events, geared towards those learning English.
Newspaper SourceDatabase of U.S. and international newspapers (EBSCOhost sub-database)
O'Reilly eBooksDatabase of eBooks, videos, and tutorials from O'Reilly. video tutorial
Primary SearchDatabase of easy-to-read magazine articles (EBSCOhost sub-database)
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Articles in the physical, biological, and social sciences published by the National Academy of Sciences
Professional Development CollectionDatabase of articles for professional educators (EBSCOhost sub-database)
ProQuestLarge database with many sub-databases, covering many subjectsvideo tutorial
PsycARTICLESDatabase, from the American Psychological Association, of peer-reviewed scholarly articles in psychology. (EBSCOhost sub-database)video tutorial
Psychology and Behavioral Science CollectionDatabase of articles covering a variety of psychology and behavior subjects (EBSCOhost sub-database)
Public Health DatabaseDatabase of journal articles, magazines, and reports related to public health and medicine
(ProQuest sub-database)
video tutorial
PubMedFrom the National Library of Medicine, journals covering many medical fields, including nursing. video tutorial
Regional Business NewsDatabase of regional business publications, from major U.S. metropolitan areas (EBSCOhost sub-database)
Religion and Philosophy CollectionDatabase of articles covering a wide variety of subjects relating to religion and philosophy (EBSCOhost sub-database)
Research LibraryThis large and general database provides articles on many subject areas (ProQuest sub-database)
Salem Press E-booksE-books on health, history, and science
Science DirectLarge database of scholarly articles in the natural and social sciencesvideo tutorial
Science OnlineArticles from Science Magazine, 1997-present
StatistaDatabase of statistics, market research and business intelligence. The data comes from market and opinion research institutions, business organizations and governments
Swank Streaming MediaDatabase of feature films
TOPICsearchDatabase of articles from a variety of sources, including newspapers, biographies, pamphlets, polls, and government information (EBSCOhost sub-database)
US NewsstreamDatabase of news sources from across the U.S. (ProQuest sub-database)
Visible Body Anatomy & PhysiologyInteractive anatomy and physiology information, introducing different human body tutorial
Visible Body Human Anatomy AtlasInteractive comprehensive 3D atlas of the human body.
Vocational and Career Collection Database of trade and industry periodicals (EBSCOhost sub-database)
WOIS WOIS provides information on careers and programs of study. This proxied link does not require a site key.

Last Updated November 1, 2021