Using the LMC

Using the Physical Library

In Winter 2022, the library will be open from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday through Thursday. This is subject to change. Tables and seating areas are open, and we request you be mindful of social distancing. Study rooms are for individual use only and you must book an individual study room in the library  If you would like to use the library computers for your online class, please keep the following in mind:

  • Both Zoom and Teams are available via the web application. You’ll just need to link to your class. The client version of the software is not installed on lab computers (including those in the library).
  • Please use headphones while attending your online class.
  • Please do your best to keep talking to a minimum. The library computers do not have a built-in microphone or camera, but there are headset and USB ports available.
  • WiFi is available across campus, inside buildings and in the courtyard. Feel free to attend your online class in the library, N Building, C Building, and other open campus locations.


In partnership with the Math Department, the library is offering graphing calculators for students to check out for the Summer Quarter. The calculators are first come, first served. Interested students should contact the library by sending an email to

As an online substitute, the Math Lab recommends:

Please be aware that online calculators may not be available during online tests if a “locked browser” is being used. The library also has some calculators that check out for 3 hours, for in-person classes.


The BC Library has Internet Hotspots available for check out.  They are free to use for up to a quarter at a time, the data is included! To check one out, please contact the Circulation Department


The campus is working with groups, internally and externally, for access to computers. Students who wish to check out a laptop should reach out the Associate VP of Student Affairs

Tech Hub

Photo of the Tech Hub

Our Tech Hub student workers can answer technology questions and assist students with:

  • Checking out equipment: laptops (4 hour loans), cell phone chargers and voice recorders
  • Logging onto Canvas and Canvas navigation
  • Using the copiers and printers, including wireless printing
  • Finding places on campus and in the library
  • Trouble-shooting basic computer problems

Research Questions will be referred to the librarian on duty.

Cell Phones

Please be thoughtful of others when using your cell phone in the Library.

Collaboratory Space

The Collaboratory, located on the first floor of the library, is an open space designed for flexible student learning. Due to COVID, all tables in the Collaboratory are for single-person use only. The Collaboratory is primarily a student space, but may be occasionally reserved by employees for designated activities. For more information, please see our detailed Collaboratory use procedure.

Copy Machines

There is a coin operated photocopier in the Library Media Center, room D126L. The cost is $0.10 per page for black & white copies and $0.15 for color copies.

Food and Drink

Covered drinks and “dry” snacks are allowed in the library. Please leave your mask on as much as possible while eating/drinking. Please leave no trace of your food and beverages by throwing away all related trash. For more information, please see our detailed food and drink guidelines.

Library Cards

We don’t require a library card to check out materials. When you want to borrow an item from the library, you will use your student ID number as identification.


The library is a large place! View our Library and eLearning Map

Need help finding a location on campus? Here’s a map of the BC campus


The printer is in room D126K. To print in the library, use your free student account of $15 or 150 black/white pages per quarter.

Reflection Room

The Reflection Room is no longer in the library. It is now located in the U Building.

Study Rooms

There are multiple study rooms in the library. While the rooms are of varying sizes, because of COVID all rooms must be used by individuals. Rooms must be booked using the library’s scheduling software.

Study Zones

The Library Media Center space is divided into sections depending on your study needs. Please be mindful of social distancing in all library spaces.

  • The Collaborative zone is located on the first floor of the library. Non-disruptive talking is allowed.
  • The Quiet zone is most of the second floor of the library. Quiet conversation is allowed.
  • The Silent zone is on the south end of the second floor of the library. Silent, individual study only.


There is wireless internet available throughout the Library Media Center. There are two networks, BC and Eduroam. BC is an open, unsecured network, available to students, employees, and visitors. Students should use the secured Eduroam network; log in with your complete BC email address to use Eduroam. Eduroam is an international network, which allows you to use your BC login at any Eduroam hotspot around the world.

Last Updated May 5, 2022