Course Descriptions

About the Training Phases

The Online Excellence Teaching Academy has two training phases: Phase One is 14 hours and covers the basic skills and information for effectively teaching a course online. Phase Two is 20 hours and includes training in areas such as tech skills, effective pedagogy, copyright and accessibility. Faculty have until August 31, 2023 to complete the training.

Credit for Previous Experience/Professional Development

Faculty who have been teaching on line at Bellevue College for two or more years, or who have already completed the Elearning “Canvas 101” course, can elect to undergo a brief course review to reduce the training hours in Phase One to seven (7) hours. Faculty who elect this option will receive a stipend of $300 for completion of Phase One.

Should the College determine that a faculty member has completed part of the training in the past five (5) years through other means (e.g. an equivalent Faculty Commons course or completed the Quality Matters course) then the faculty member may elect not to retake the course and their Phase One or Phase Two stipend will be reduced by the amount they were paid when they completed the equivalent training. If they were not previously paid to take the course, they will receive the full stipend as outlined above.

Phase One Courses

Canvas Procedures

Canvas Procedures and Guidelines banner

Delivery Mode: Asynchronous Online
Hours: 2

This course provides information about using Canvas tools to comply with higher education regulations . Faculty will apply resources to maintain the integrity of Canvas course content.

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Canvas 101

Canvas 101 badge for completion

Delivery Modes Asynchronous Online, live
Hours: 8

This course provides an introduction to using the Canvas Learning Management System. Faculty will create a basic course in Canvas and view core functions from a student’s prospect.

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QM Improve Your Online Course

QM Quality Matters workshop badge of completion

Delivery Mode: Synchronous virtual workshop
Hours: 4

Quality Matters Improve Your Online Course (QM IYOC) teaches the foundational concepts of Quality Matters and how to apply the essential Specific Review Standards of the Quality Matters Rubric to your own online course.

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Phase Two Courses

Tech Skills for Teaching

Tech Skills for Teaching badge

Delivery Modes: Live Remote Workshop, Asynchronous Online Course
Hours: 3

During this course faculty will assess their level of knowledge and skill required to teach online, learn some tech basics, and develop a plan to improve skills.

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High 5 in the Online Class

OETA High 5 in the Online Classroom badge

Delivery Mode: Poly-synchronous Online Course
Hours: 12

Apply a variety of strategies to use for early intervention, and to make assignments more transparent, among many other skills. This is a time to connect with colleagues and create a learning community

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Copyright and OER Information

OETA Copyright and OER Information badge

Delivery Modes: Live Remote Workshop
Hours: 2

This course will help you determine the appropriate use of various types of line content with different licenses. In addition there will be an opportunity to discuss key features of the TEACH Act.

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Accessibility Review

OETA Accessibility Review badge

Delivery Modes: Synchonous Online, In-Person
Hours: 3

This is an opportunity to participate in an accessibility review with an instructional Designer, and discuss how eLearning can continue to support you and save you time with your course development if you wish.

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Last Updated July 5, 2023