Resources & References

Lab Manual Appendices

Your Lab manual contains several references that will help you with your lab reports. How to handle significant digits, how to graph, and a model format for your lab reports. Your instructor will assume that you have read these documents when grading your reports.

Vector Workbook

This very readable workbook will help you get fluent with vector operations. It is always available in the bookstore. Buy it and begin working now.

Graphical Analysis

This excellent graphing package is available in the bookstore in both MAC and PC formats. Graphical Analysis will allow you to graph data and manipulate it to discover physical relationships. A very helpful tool for lab reports.

Text Supplements

Your textbook publisher offers supplementary materials for sale in the bookstore. These may be required or recommended. You can get this information before classes by reading the tag on the shelf in the bookstore. Call your instructor with questions, or read your syllabus for additional information.

Library Reserve

Additional textbooks are often placed on reserve in the library under your instructors name. You may find a different author’s style is more to your liking.


Last Updated February 4, 2018