4000 Institutional Commitment to Inclusion

Original Date: 6/9/1992 * Last Revision Effective: 3/24/2021
Policy Contact: President


In order to develop and maintain an intentionally inclusive environment, Bellevue College will:

  • Affirm the diversity of human identities and experiences;
  • Ensure honest, fair, and ethical behavior;
  • Distribute resources and services to increase access and participation;
  • Create safer spaces, free from harassment and discrimination; and
  • Foster meaningful dialogue that facilitates dignity, respect, understanding and transformation.

This commitment serves to challenge systems of power, privilege, and oppression and will guide practices, decisions, and activities.

This policy will be widely distributed on BC’s campuses and made available online.

Revision History

Original 6/9/1992
Revisions 5/10/2005; 5/21/2009; 4/7/2015; 3/24/2021

Approved By

Board of Trustees

Last Updated April 13, 2021