The Disability Resource Center (DRC) provides academic accommodations to students with a barrier related to a disability or health condition. We work directly with faculty to ensure accommodations are implemented in the classroom and provide some accommodations directly to the student. The DRC also provides education and training on disability, accommodations, and accessibility. We provide a wide variety of accommodation services for disabled students, and we work to educate the community and foster inclusiveness.

Take a look at Remote Learning, a webpage devoted to:

  • clarifying accommodation differences between on-campus, online, and remote courses;
  • best practices for students learning in a remote environment;
  • resources for reporting bias incidents due to COVID19-related discrimination;
  • CARES Act and Washington Connection funding options;
  • resources for faculty teaching in a remote environment.

Students who are interested in disability accommodations should visit our Getting Started with the DRC page for a detailed overview of how to become registered with the DRC and receive accommodations. Please fill out the Access Form to start our disability accommodation process

Confidentiality: Information regarding your disability is protected—no information about using DRC services will not be shared with other colleges or universities and is not connected to your transcript. Your disability information is not shared outside of the DRC without an educational need to know, per the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA).

Our office supports students in all High School Programs including Running Start. Please note IEP/504 accommodations are not automatically transferred to college; you must complete our registration process. College accommodations are different from high school alterations. We recommend you review our page on accommodation differences from secondary school to higher education to be prepared.