Main Campus Parking FAQs

What if I already have a parking permit?

All current and future permits will only be valid during the quarter whose name is printed on the permit itself and can be used until the day before the first day of the subsequent quarter (permits are valid between quarters and the expiration date is printed on the bottom of the permit).


How can I get a parking permit?

Since September 1, 2011, Quarterly Permit sales have been available online only from any web-capable device with an internet connection (such as a computer on campus, at home, or on a tablet or smartphone with Wi-Fi or an active data plan (service fees may apply)) at our parking information page. Permits will be mailed to the address you specify at time of purchase. Temporary permits will be emailed upon completion of the order to the address you specify during the order process. The temporary permit must be printed and displayed on the dashboard of a registered vehicle while on campus and it will be valid for 14 days from date of purchase (if you did not receive your temporary permit via e-mail, you must contact Public Safety). Daily Permits are available exclusively at pay stations in the Public Safety office, lots 12 and 16 and on the fifth floor of the Parking Garage, and are valid for use in any Daily Parking or Student lot.


Where can visitors park?

Visitors must obtain a Daily Permit to park on campus. Daily Permits are available exclusively at pay stations in lots 12 and 16 and on the fifth floor of the Parking Garage and are valid for use in any Daily Parking or Student lot.


What do I need to know in order to purchase a Student or Employee Permit?

You must know the following:

  • your Student or Employee ID number
  • your mailing address
  • an email address that you actively check
  • your vehicle’s license plate, make, model and color, and registered owner=

Can I pick up a quarterly permit on campus?

No, with the exception of motorcycle permits or if your permit was lost/destroyed and you need a replacement. Please visit Public Safety in B132 if this applies to you.


What if I want to pay by cash or check for a quarterly permit?

No checks will be accepted. Bellevue College is not responsible for lost or stolen receipts.

If you wish to pay in cash for a quarterly permit:

  1. Complete the online registration
  2. Register for the permit online first
  3. Select “Cash” instead of “Credit Card” when prompted to pay
  4. Pay with cash (use exact change because no change is given) or use a credit card at the B132 meter
  5. Give the receipt to a Public Safety Officer in B132 to complete the order process

A temporary permit (valid for 14 days from order completion date) will then be emailed to the email address you specified, or it can be printed at B132 by Public Safety Staff. Within approximately 2 business days, your permit will be sent to the mailing address you specified and should arrive within 5-7 business days.


How long is a quarterly permit valid?

Quarterly permits are valid until the day before the first day of the following quarter (permits are valid between quarters and the expiration date is printed on the bottom of the permit).


What days and times will permits be enforced?

Permits are enforced Monday through Friday from 6:00am to 3:00pm year round on all Student and Employee lots.  Reserved lots, fire lanes and reserved spaces (such as ADA stalls, carpool stalls and stalls with signs indicating that they are reserved) will be monitored 24 hours a day. 24-hour lots D-1, 4, and 15 are monitored 24/7


What happens if I don’t have a permit and I park on campus?

Vehicles not displaying a valid permit or those that are parked in a lot for which they are not authorized (such as employee parking lots) will receive a citation with a minimum fine of $25. Read more about parking fines. 1-day parking passes are available for $2 in B132 or any of the Daily Metered/Visitor lots (12, 16, fifth floor parking garage).


What are my other options?

You may take the bus, carpool, walk or bike to campus.

You can double your bus money by buying a Commuter Check Card for $60 or $120 at the Student Financial Services office (B126).

Carpoolers can split the cost of a permit amongst themselves and then register to park in reserved carpool parking in the Public Safety Office (B132). Find carpool buddies by registering on RideShareOnline with your BC email address.


Can I park in the neighborhood nearby or at the Park and Ride?

No! If you park in a Park and Ride or in a nearby neighborhood without immediately using transit, you may be ticketed by the police and towed accordingly.


Who do I contact for questions? / Do I go to the Student Financial Services Office?

Parking questions should be directed to the Bellevue College Public Safety Department by phone at (425) 564-2516, e-mail ( or in person (B132).


What if I come three days per week or have a different two day schedule than M/W or T/TH?

If you come to campus three or more days per week, you are best served by getting an Everyday Permit or an Everyday Discount Permit. If you have a non-standard two day schedule, you should purchase a 2-day permit and come in to the Public Safety Office (B132) to exchange it for an alternative 2-day permit that fits your schedule.


Who can use the Daily Parking pay stations? Where are they?

Daily metered parking is available to employees, students without quarterly parking permits and visitors. However, students with valid quarterly parking permits may park in these lots before 3:00 p.m. as long as they purchase valid daily permits from the pay stations and display them on their dashboards. The lots are located on the fifth floor of the parking garage (P-5) near the main entrance, lot 12 by the theatre at the south entrance, and lot 16 by the baseball fields at the north entrance. See the parking map for details. Daily $2.00 & weekly $10.00 parking permits are valid on any student parking lot as well.


Do the pay stations take cash, change, debit cards, credit cards? What do they sell?

Yes, they accept all of these forms of payment (except of change: this option is only available at B132) and offer daily parking for one day ($2) and one week ($10).

There is a pay station in the Public Safety Office (B132) which is set up specifically to accept cash payments for outstanding tickets and quarterly permits which must still be ordered online first. Your pay station receipt must then be presented to a Public Safety Officer in B132 in order to complete the order process. Bellevue College is not responsible for lost or stolen receipts.


Can I use my permit with multiple vehicles?

Yes, as long as each vehicle is registered under the permit. During permit registration you must list all vehicles with which the permit will be used. Each parking permit may cover four (4) vehicles maximum. Only one permit will be issued per user (regardless amount of cars under the permit). Permits peel off easily for transfer to another vehicle. Permits are not transferable between motorcycles and cars nor between individuals. Vehicles that are registered under one (1) permit must not be on campus at the same time (unless covered with $2.00 daily permit). Parking permit required to be displayed on a windshield at all time. For permit issues, contact Public Safety.


What do I need to do to park my motorcycle on campus?

Motorcycle permits are sold separately and are not exchangeable between vehicles or between drivers (the permits are adhesive-backed, not static cling). If you purchase a 2-day Quarterly Permit or a Discount Permit, and you wish to also get a motorcycle permit, you must purchase it separately and pick it up from the Public Safety office in B132. If you purchase an Employee or a Quarterly Everyday Permit ($65.00), you can obtain one motorcycle permit for no additional charge in the Public Safety office in B132. For permit issues, contact Public Safety (B132) in person, via the phone at (425) 564-2516 or email at .


If I carpool and we get a ticket, who’s responsible?

The person who ordered the Main Campus Parking Permit is responsible for all citations issued for that permit, regardless of what vehicle was driven or who drove the vehicle. If there is no valid permit for a vehicle, the registered owner of the vehicle is responsible for all citations issued for that vehicle.


I got a ticket, now what?

You may pay your fine at the Student Financial Services office for all tickets issued before September 1, 2011.

You must pay or appeal your fine online from the Bellevue College Public Safety Permit Portal for all tickets issued after September 1, 2011. Your record should be cleared within 72 business hours. You may contact the Public Safety Office in B132 or call (425) 564-2516 to check the unblock status or to expedite the process.

Visit the Public Safety website if you want to appeal your ticket (within 20 days after ticket was issued).


What if I have a disability placard?

If your vehicle displays a valid Washington State-issued placard, license plate or tab you may park without a valid Bellevue College permit for free by order of Washington State law. Current, valid state-issued placards and license plates from other states are also honored.


Can I get a refund?

Refunds are only issued under special circumstances at the discretion of the Director of Public Safety or their designee. Fill out the Refund Request Form online or visit the Public Safety Office to fill out the form in person.

Please note:

Your refund will only be processed AFTER you return your physical permit to the Public Safety Office.

Visit the Public Safety Office (B132) or email at for details.


What happens if my pass gets lost or stolen?

Permits are only reissued under special circumstances at the discretion of the Director of Public Safety or their designee. Visit the Public Safety Office (B132) for details or email at .


What if I receive need-based fee waivers?

Students who are funded by third party agencies or funded by one of the programs listed below and who meet their waiver requirements will not be presented with payment options when they order a quarterly parking permit. The cost of their permit will be billed to their sponsoring program or agency. They still need to go online and request charge free parking permit at (there should be only one parking permit option displayed; if you see multiple options, your waiver was not processed/granted yet and you need to contact Public Safety department for details).

Participating Bellevue College programs include:

  • Workforce Education (Basic Food and Employment Training, Workfirst, Opportunity Grant, qualifying Worker Retraining students)
  • ABE/GED/ESL waiver students
  • Running Start waiver students
  • CEO waiver students

Unless you have been informed differently, all waivered permits are the Quarterly Everyday Discount Permits which are limited to parking in lots 1A, 1B, 3A, 3B and 5.


Do all students pay for parking?

Yes, all quarterly permits and all daily/weekly permits must be paid for and all vehicles on campus (excluding emergency vehicles, Bellevue College motor pool vehicles and vendors’ company vehicles) must display a valid permit during the hours of enforcement unless you were granted with waiver parking permit or the third party is paying for it.


Can I buy both a parking permit and an ORCA card?

Yes, but you must purchase them separately and there is no discount. Parking permits are available online at . ORCA cards are available from the Student Financial Services office (B126).


Why is there a charge for parking?

In the spring of 2011 the Associated Student Government took on the difficult task of determining how to preserve access to campus considering the availability of parking and alternative modes of transportation. They recommended a parking fee as the solution to this growing transportation finance and parking problem. Parking permit fees will assist Bellevue College’s efforts to maintain, operate, and insure a safe and accessible learning environment for students.


When did it happen?

The parking fee was approved by the Board of Trustees on June 29th, 2011.


Last Updated September 27, 2021