Campus Security

Public Safety is your resource providing personal safety, security, crime prevention, preliminary investigations, and other services to the campus community 24/7. 

Our staff is trained in: 

  • non-violent crisis intervention skills to avoid and defuse most confrontational situations
  • basic CPR and emergency response for major incidents

The BC Public Safety Department acts as the first responder for all criminal incidents, provides general patrol of campus facilities and property, investigates collisions, manages traffic safety and parking enforcement, coordinate emergency preparedness planning, and provides crime prevention programs.

How You Can Help:

  • Familiarize yourself and your team with the safety equipment and exits in your department 
  • Understand when to call 911 and when to notify Public Safety
  • Discover the different services provided by Public Safety and help your team members utilize them as needed
  • Learn your role in an emergency and what to do for your department in different emergency scenarios
  • Gather information and report concerns to the appropriate campus authorities. 

Public Safety Programs

Thinh handing a student a computer at the public safety desk
Officer assisting student text reads File a Report
Officer and Student in front of car with open hood white text reads Jumpstarts and lockouts
parking garage cross beam white text Driver Safety Program
Officer Escorting Student White text Safety Escorts
Chalk board background with text reading "We want your feedback" and "Feedback Form"

Public Safety Department Contact Information

Public Safety DirectorRoss Villegas 425-564-5710
Public Safety Assistant DirectorAnthony Manahananthony.manahan@bellevuecollege.edu425-564-2352
Emergency Operations ManagerJason Koenigjason.koenig@bellevuecollege.edu425-564-2234
Public Safety Administrative AssistantTahn Hatahn.ha@bellevuecollege.edu425-564-3310
Parking Enforcement LeadNataliya Perelomovanataliya.perelomova@bellevuecollege.edu425-564-2516

Last Updated June 6, 2024