Safety Lead Program

The Safety Leads program is a critical support to Bellevue College’s response to emergency situation, particularly when involving evacuations.  Safety Leads are emergency situation trained employees and faculty members assigned to specific buildings providing support to Public Safety through directing others to the assigned evacuation zones.   

Bellevue College 

Emergency Management 

Safety Lead Responsibilities 

Role purpose  

To provide on-site support to Public Safety when an emergency occurs on campus.  This support is provided by observing, reporting, and providing guidance and direction to others within the impacted area as assigned by Public Safety Emergency Management.   

Role responsibilities  

  • Attend monthly Safety Lead meetings on the third Thursday of each month 
  • Complete required trainings 
  • Participate in quarterly drills and exercises conducted during the regular work week and time frame 
  • Maintain familiarity with the location of the following for assigned floor: fire alarms, heat/smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, emergency exits, evacuation routes, areas of refuge, first aid stations, AED device, and emergency shower & eye wash stations. 
  • Have an awareness of the outside emergency evacuation zone/location, disability waiting area, and the blue crisis response boxes 
  • Follow activation protocols: Activation will occur when an alarm has been activated; an official campus notification has been sent through BC Alerts directing an evacuation or lockdown; and a when receiving direction from the Incident Commander via text message, phone call, or a Public Safety issued radio 
  • Maintain and store assigned Safety Lead equipment/Emergency Response backpack 
  • When encountering an emergency incident check in with Public Safety 
  • Provide direction and guidance to students and employees if an area evacuation or lockdown is required 
  • Maintain a courteous and direct communication style 
  • Follow evacuation protocols for each type of emergency as directed by Public Safety Emergency Management 
  • Review the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan and know the location of the Emergency Evacuation Zone for your building 
  • Maintain communication with Public Safety Emergency Management throughout the emergency event by providing report updates, as requested 
  • Providing prompt action to direction given by Public Safety Emergency Management based on report updates 
  • Participate in after event debriefings and meetings  


  • Voluntary willingness to take on this responsibility 
  • Supervisor’s approval to participate in this role 
  • Assist all members of the Bellevue College Campus without bias 
  • Capability to remain calm, focused, and provide clear direction to others during high stress situations 
  • Willingness to follow and disseminate instructions provided through an Incident Command Structure (Chain of Command) 
  • Provide assistance that may involve walking up and down stairs; lift more than 25 lbs and stand for extended periods of time 

Learning and development 

  • Complete First Aid/CPR/AED/Narcan Certification (within the first month of starting in this role) (the Emergency Operations Manager will schedule group trainings) 
  • Complete FEMA online Training: ICS 100 (Introduction to the Incident Command System) & the online Tactical Radio Training for Emergencies by the first Safety Lead meeting 
  • Attend the following trainings (these trainings will be provided during the monthly meetings):  

      * Evacuation Assistance (Being Developed) 

      * Active Shooter/Hostile Intruder 

      * Lockdown Assistance (Being Developed) 

      * Fire Safety  

      * Stair Chair   

      * Stop the Bleed  

      * Other trainings as assigned   

  • Attend monthly Safety Lead meetings held on the third Thursday of each month 
  • Attend quarterly training drills and tabletop exercises held during regularly scheduled BC business hours 

General conditions 

  • Bellevue College Public Safety Emergency Management is committed to training and equipping all members of the Bellevue College Community interested in accepting the role of Safety Lead 
  • Consistent commitment to attending meeting and trainings is a priority for involvement in this volunteer program 
  • This role is an important support to Public Safety Emergency Management during emergency response 
  • Communication and adherence to the Incident Command structure is vital for this role and the successful implementation of this program 
  • This role is essential to providing support and safety to all people within the Bellevue College Community 

CourseDescriptionTime LengthRenewal FrequencyMethod of Instruction
First Aid/CPR/AED/NarcanTeaches warning signs of heart attack and stroke, CPR, AED, first aid, and relief of choking for adult and child.5.5 hoursEvery 2 yearsIn-person
Stop the BleedA person who is bleeding can die from blood loss within five minutes. This course teaches the necessary action steps to take in stopping the bleed before professional emergency responders arrive.90 minutesAnnual refresher during monthly meetingIn-person
FEMA ICS100Introduces students to the Incident Command System (ICS) and provides the foundation for higher level ICS training. This course describes the history, features and principles, and organizational structure of the Incident Command System. It also explains the relationship between ICS and the National Incident Management System (NIMS).2 hoursNo renewal required. Review ICS during monthly meetingsOn-line
Tactical Radio Training for EmergenciesCovers radios basics: anatomy of a radio, radio etiquette, and radio operations in a campus emergency.1 hourAnnual refresher during monthly meetingOn-line followed by hands-on training
Evacuation Assistance for Safety Leads during types of EmergenciesLearn the evacuation protocols for each type of emergency. Review the evacuation locations for each building. This training will provide Safety Leads with instructions for leading groups during the entire evacuation process. Experience practice drills.1 hourAnnual refresher during monthly meetingIn-person
Lockdown Assistance Learn the guidelines and procedures to follow during a lockdown. Become equipped with the best options to choose during a lockdown and how best to instruct and guide others.1 hourAnnual refresher during monthly meetingIn-person
Active ShooterTeaches Run, Hide, Fight. Learn vital steps to take and guide others when an Active Shooter is on site and what to do when law enforcement arrives.1 hourAnnual refresher during monthly meetingIn-person
Fire SafetyTeaches basic fire safety topics like fire extinguisher use and how/when to evacuate a building. Following the classroom component is a hands-on fire extinguisher practice session.1 hourAnnual refresher during monthly meetingOn-line followed by hands-on training
Stair ChairCovers the Evacu-trac emergency evacuation chair located in several of Bellevue College’s buildings. Consists of two parts; a multi-media presentation, followed by hands-on training using the Evacu-trac.30 minutesAnnual refresher during monthly meetingOn-line followed by hands-on training

Public Safety Emergency Management provides Safety Leads with equipment that will assist in communicating with Bellevue College Emergency Management and providing guidance and direction to individuals and groups during an emergency event.   These items are to be returned to the Emergency Operations Manager when your Safety Lead commitment or employment with Bellevue College ends.    

The following is a checklist of equipment items.  Please initial each item received. 


___  Radio Equipment (1 Radio, 1 Radio Battery, and 1 Radio charger) 


___(1) First Aid Kit 

___(1) Hard Hat

___(1) Multi-function Utility Tool 

___(1) Duct Tape

___(1) Safety Goggles 

___(1) Small Note Pad

___(2) Pairs of Disposable Gloves (Non-Latex) 

___(1) Emergency Blanket

___(1) N95 Mask 

___(1) Tactical Light Stick

___(1) Rain Poncho 

___(1) Pen

___ (1) Safety Lead Vest 

___(1) Whistle

___(1) Roll of Yellow Caution Tape 

___(2) D Batteries- Flashlight

___ (1) Flashlight 

___(1) Orange Safety Flag

___ (1) Tourniquet 

Last Updated January 20, 2023