science faculty is performing a demonstration at the front of the classroom
 Dana Vukjolovich is performing a demonstration for her students.

Mission and Goals

The BC Science Division, by fostering an environment in which students, faculty and staff work collaboratively to expand students’ knowledge in the disciplines of science and mathematics, seeks to provide students with a foundation to achieve their goals and to function as responsible and contributing members of the community.

In support of its mission, the Science Division is committed to the following goals:

  • Create an environment that supports student success through instructor accessibility, small class sizes, well-supported lab facilities, creative and innovative pedagogy, and regular career and educational advising for students.
  • Provide a diversity of educational modes in a technologically modern, sustainable, student-centered environment.
  • Create an atmosphere that cultivates student literacy and life-long interest in science and mathematics through course-based and club-based on-campus activities and projects, participation in SAMI programs, and opportunities for student research and educational collaborations with members of the wider scientific/mathematical community.
  • Provide a diversity of course offerings from developmental to college level classes in order to provide access to and ongoing educational support for students of widely diverse age, gender identity, background, ethnicity, and cultural and socioeconomic status.
  • Cultivate students’ understanding and appreciation for evidence- and logic-based reasoning both as a tool for academic success and scientific inquiry, and also as a critical tool for responsible civic life.
  • Teach leadership by example through active faculty participation in BC leadership, community engagement, professional accountability, and sustainable operations.
  • Support each faculty member’s maintenance of disciplinary expertise by engaging in professional development, collaborative opportunities, and by supporting growth of our peers.