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Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Software Development.

Program will start accepting applications in January for fall 2023. Review important deadlines.

NEW TITLE! This degree was previously titled “Information Systems & Technology”.

The BAS in Information Systems & Technology (IST) used to have three concentrations; Cyber Security and Systems Administration, Application Development and Business Intelligence. In the past two years significant changes have occurred to the BAS IST: Cybersecurity is now its own standalone degree and Business Intelligence has been relocated as a concentration with Data Analytics in the Data Management & Analysis program. Since these changes, IST has been rebranded to a BAS in Software Development and offers two concentrations; Application Development and Artificial Intelligence (NEW!). Students who have any questions on these curriculum changes should contact the program manager.

The Bachelor of Applied Science degree program in Software Development has two concentrations, Application Development and Artificial Intelligence.

Our concentrations in software development meet the explicit need employers have identified for application developers and software engineers by providing a pathway to the baccalaureate for students with two-year technical associate degrees in IT. The decision to offer these particular programs was based in part on findings by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that a bachelor’s degree is now considered the minimum level of education for a variety of IT occupations. As a result, more students, along with existing IT professionals, will need to continue their education at the bachelor’s level.

With curriculum updated every year to meet industry and business demands, each concentration provides graduates with broad technical skills and project-based learning, as well as specialized knowledge in either application development or artificial intelligence.

Application Development, BAS

The BAS Application Development is a four-year, 180-credit program that prepares students for various careers in Software Development. This degree is structured around the C# programming language to develop desktop and web-based applications.

Focus Areas:

  • Advanced Web Development
  • Developing Mobile Applications
  • Enterprise Data Applications
  • Application Architecture

Artificial Intelligence, BAS

The BAS Artificial Intelligence is a four-year, 180-credit program that prepares students for various careers in AI Software Development. This concentration includes fundamentals of AI and uses the Python programming language and numerous Python libraries.

Focus Areas:

  • Natural Language Processing
  • AI Impacts and Applications
  • Human-Centered AI Interaction and Design
  • Applied Statistical Methods
Picture of former student Maria Luiza Cartaxo

Bellevue College has opened doors for me that I never thought possible. In my time here at BC I have had the opportunity to meet people from diverse backgrounds, participate in several clubs including my own, and work with incredible professors who taught me hands-on skills that prepared me for the workforce. My education at BC has helped me build an impressive portfolio and attract attention from some of the big local tech recruiters. Throughout my time in the bachelor’s program I was able to participate in three summer internships including Meta and Microsoft and ended up accepting a permanent position at Microsoft. I am more than happy I was able to attend this amazing college!  

– Maria Luiza Cartaxo, BAS Software Development

Degree Pathways

The Associate of Applied Science-Transfer (AAS-T) degree in Software Development prepares students for admission into the BAS Application Development program, while the AAS-T degree in Artificial Intelligence prepares students for admission into the BAS Artificial Intelligence program. Upon completion of the AAS-T students will be able to directly apply all 90 credits toward the 180 credit BAS program. It typically takes an additional two years for students to complete the remaining bachelor’s coursework at a full-time status.

Software Development, AAS-T

The AAS-T Software Development is a two-year, 90-credit program that is designed for both those seeking immediate employment in an entry-level software development career or preparing for continuation into a baccalaureate program. Students can apply all 90 credits to the BAS Application Development at BC.

Focus Areas:

  • Object Oriented Programming Concepts
  • Server Side Web Development
  • SQL Fundamentals
  • Systems Analysis & Design

Artificial Intelligence, AAS-T

The AAS-T Artificial Intelligence is a two-year, 90-credit program that is designed for both those seeking immediate employment in an entry-level AI software development career or preparing for continuation into a baccalaureate program. Students can apply all 90 credits to the BAS Artificial Intelligence at BC.

Focus Areas:

  • Python programming
  • Programming for Machine Learning
  • Robotics & AI
  • Cloud Services

Data Reporting Analyst, Cert

The Data Reporting Analyst Certificate is a one-year, 35-credit certificate that prepares students for entry-level positions working with programmers and database analysts to create data analysis reports, work with relational databases and create reports for decision makers. Previously titled Database Report Developer Certificate.

Focus Areas:

  • Create Database Reports
  • SQL Queries
  • Design Data Models
  • Systems Analysis

Web Development, Cert

The Web Development Certificate is a one-year, 45-credit certificate that prepares students for entry-level positions that require maintenance and development of web-based applications to be used on desktop and mobile devices. Previously titled Programming for Mobile and Web Development Certificate.

Focus Areas:

  • Intro to .NET
  • Client-Side Web Programming
  • Front End Web Development
  • Mobile Applications

Python Programming, Cert

The Python Programming Certificate is a one-year, 45-credit certificate that prepares students for entry-level positions as programmers with companies using Python programming language and its related libraries.

Focus Areas:

  • Python Libraries
  • Object Oriented Python Programming
  • Programming for Machine Learning
  • Systems Analysis & Design

Introductory C++ Programming, Cert

The Introductory C++ Programming Certificate is a two-quarter, 15-credit certificate that introduces students to the concepts of object-oriented programming, C++ class libraries and abstract data structures.

Focus Areas:
• SQL Fundamentals
• C++ Programming
• Documentation and Reports
• Abstract Data Structures

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Development, BAS Cert

The Baccalaureate certificate in AR/VR Development is a two-quarter, 15-credit certificate that helps students explore the growing world of augmented and virtual reality, with practical knowledge covering best practices for designing their own experience.

Focus Areas:
• AR Development
• VR Development
• Rapid Prototyping
• Design Principles

Program Highlights

Applied Learning


Instructors focus on teaching students hands-on technical skills. All bachelor students are required to complete a capstone project or internship prior to graduating.

Educational Value


Tuition costs for baccalaureate degrees at Bellevue College are significantly lower than other 4-year degree programs at state universities.

Financial assistance


All bachelor level courses are financial aid eligible. Worker Retraining program approved.



Our bachelor programs are cohort-based emphasizing student collaboration and team building. Get to know your faculty, fellow students and program advisors.

BC Reputation


Twice a year faculty meet with advisory committee members to ensure curriculum is relevant and up-to-date in order to meet industry standards.

Fully accredited


Bellevue College is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU), a regional accrediting body recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

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