Bikes are Beautiful

The bike is an efficient invention. With it, I can integrate my task list.  Dropping my daughter off at preschool is the same thing as getting a work out.  Going to work is exercise.  I don't have to schedule time for each task, they are automatically integrated. When I bike I stimulate my blood flow which excites my brain, ...more about Bikes are Beautiful

Duplex printing in N250

It may not surprise you, but nobody on campus prints more than the students.  So at the request of students and in an effort to make a significant reduction in the amount of paper printed in the N250 Open Lab, Computing Services has recently set up duplex printing (ie double sided) as an option for all ...more about Duplex printing in N250

Pause the Printing

I've operated under a personal limited paper use policy for the last couple years. I don't use much paper and most of the paper littering my desk  has been given to me from some committee or meeting.  It sits in useless piles for a few months until I get up the nerve to use it as scratch ...more about Pause the Printing


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