Sonographer Vascular Technology

Work toward your Vascular Technology Credential RDMS (VT) Online

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Take RAIT 344, Sonographer Vascular Technology

Bellevue College offers a fully online Sonographer Vascular Technology course designed to prepare sonographers for the Vascular Interventional ARDMS exams! Coupled with the optional clinical practicum, students can fully master the post primary modality and go into the RDMS exams with confidence! RAIT 344 is intended to meet the degree requirements of the Bachelors of Applied Science, Diagnostic Medical Sonography concentration as well as the requirements of the of the Radiation & Imaging Sciences program.

Please Note: RAIT 344 is a specialized course designed specifically for persons who are already registered sonographers. If you are not yet a sonographer, then you will need to start with an entry-level sonography program first.

Topics Include

  • Carotid Artery Duplex
  • Transcranial Doppler
  • Peripheral Arterial/Venous Duplex
  • Physiologic Testing
  • Visceral Arterial Duplex
  • Abdominal Arterial/Venous Duplex
  • Dialysis access

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[column md=”4″]Develop mastery of Sonographer Vascular Technology in a fully online setting providing ultimate flexibility![/column]
[column md=”4″]All Sonographer Vascular Technology courses count towards the Radiation & Imaging Sciences BAS degree![/column]
[column md=”4″]RAIT 344, Sonographer Vascular Technology, meets the structured education requirements of the ARDMS.[/column][/row]

Next Steps

Step 1: Complete the interest form (above)

Completing this form lets us know that you are interested in the course. You will receive a few followup emails from us with more information.

Step 2: Apply to Bellevue College for General Admission

If you are a first time BC student or a previous BC student who is returning to the college after four or more quarters, you must apply to the college first.

Step 3: Register for the course

Upon checking your credentials, the Radiation & Imaging Sciences Program Manager or Program Chair will provide you with an entry code for the course. It is important you register right away.

Important note:

Due to the nature of this highly specialized course, it is important that interested students reach out right away. If the course does not enroll at least 5 students, it may be cancelled. To avoid cancellation, we ask all approved students to register as quickly as possible so we may get an accurate headcount.

Last Updated June 24, 2020