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We offer workshops that are available to all Bellevue College students and staff. No registration required, just stop by during the day and time listed.

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All of our workshops are located in D204 – the Academic Success Center

Winter Quarter Workshops

Title of WorkshopDateTime
Personal Statement Clinic HoursCheck SchedulesCheck Schedules
Study SkillsEvery Monday
1/14 - 3/18
NewsTalkEvery Wednesday
1/9 - 3/13
Tips for Reading Your TextbookThursday, January 101:30-2:20pm
Vocabulary in Context: Reading Without a DictionarySunday, January 131:00-2:00pm
Personal Statements for College TransferTuesday, January 1510:30-11:30am
Scrutinize Your Sentences: Grammar for CommasWednesday, January 163:30-4:20pm
Scrutinize Your Sentences: Grammar for CommasThursday, January 1710:30-11:20am
Finding the Main Idea in Reading AssignmentsTuesday, January 2211:30-12:20pm
Finding the Main Idea in Reading AssignmentsSunday, January 271:00-2:00pm
Tips for Reading Your TextbookWednesday, January 3010:30-11:20am
Vocabulary in Context: Reading Without a DictionaryMonday, February 41:30-2:20pm
Smartphone = Smart ReaderTuesday, February 52:30-3:30pm
Annotating Techniques for ReadingWednesday, February 61:30-2:20pm
Summarizing Your ReadingSunday, February 101:00-2:00pm
Reading FasterMonday, February 111:30-2:20pm
Finding the Main Idea in Reading AssignmentsWednesday, February 1310:30-11:20am
Summarizing Your ReadingTuesday, February 1910:30-11:20am
Become an MLA Superhero!Tuesday, February 193:30-4:20pm
Cite for Sore Eyes: MLA BasicsWednesday, February 2010:30-11:20am
Vocabulary in Context: Reading Without a DictionaryThursday, February 2110:30-11:20am
Reading FasterSunday, February 241:00-2:00pm
Annotating Techniques for ReadingTuesday, February 2611:30-12:20pm
Don't have a Kitten: You Can Do APA!Tuesday, February 262:30-3:20pm
Reading and Understanding American IdomsTuesday, February 2711:30-12:20pm
Summarizing Your ReadingMonday, March 41:30-2:20pm
Reading FasterThursday, March 710:30-11:20am
Annotating Techniques for ReadingSunday, March 101:00-2:00pm
Reading and Understanding American IdiomsTuesday, March 1210:30-11:20am


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