Study Skills

Every student needs assistance developing study habits and time management skills from time to time. On this page, you will find various resources to assist you with learning basic study skills.

Resources to improve note-taking, studying for exams, and effective time management are available below. Utilize these resources to strengthen your study habits and help ensure your academic success.

Study Skill – Documents

Strategies for Success

Study skills for the first week and beyond [PDF]

How to get A’s

Seven study tips to help you get A’s in college.

Taking Good Notes

The importance of good lecture notes and best practices. [PDF]

How to Study a Novel

How to Study a Novel [PDF]

Reading Your Textbook

Reading, note-taking, and review techniques

Test Taking Strategies

Preparing for and taking exams [PDF]

Are You “Test Anxious”?

Self-evaluation and strategies [PDF]

Stress Management Techniques

Relaxation technique recommended for use before or during study sessions [PDF]

How to Survive Exam Weeks

Dealing with tension, time management, and other techniques [PDF]

Time Management Techniques

Common time wasters and tips for handling them

Strategies for Online Learning

Try these tips and strategies when taking online classes [PDF]

Learning Styles

Identify and learn study strategies for your learning style [PDF]

Weekly Schedule Planner

Weekly Schedule Planner

Monthly Schedule Planner

Monthly Schedule Planner [PDF]

Motivation and Goal Setting

Increase your motivation and learn how to set goals [PDF]

The 7 Step Anti-Procrastination Plan

Advice and techniques for avoiding procrastination [PDF]

Overcoming Math Anxiety

Strategies to use to help you overcome math anxiety

How to Form Study Groups

Steps you can take to form study groups and specific activities for study groups to use

Improving Your Memory

Tips on improving memory and retention [PDF]

10 Steps to Emotional Health and Vitality

Practical advice for maintaining emotional health [PDF]

Math Study Skills

New Math Study Skills [PDF]

Weekly Homework Planner

Weekly Homework Planning Form

Learning and Studying Tips

Learning and study strategies

Study Skills – Online Resources

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