"All your people must learn before you can reach for the stars." – Captain James T. Kirk

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Pat Terhune-Inverso Picture

Pat Terhune-Inverso


I became interested in astronomy as a first-year student at Bellevue College when I took an astronomy class.  I found the planetarium mesmerizing and the subject matter stimulating.  To pursue my new fascination in astronomy I joined a local astronomy club and worked in the BC planetarium as a volunteer, running the star projector and helping produce public shows.  Since then, I have worked at the Pacific Science Center planetarium and owned my own traveling planetarium business.  I have an Earth & Space Science degree from the UW.  I started teaching astronomy at Bellevue College in 2008.  I feel very lucky to be teaching in this planetarium, where it all started for me.  I hope to instill the same fascination and wonder for my students that I had when I first took astronomy many years ago.