Clear/Verify Prerequisite Requirements

BC provides two ways to clear or verify prerequisite requirements. They allow you to upload a PDF document or to request an English or math placement test if needed.

Students listen to a presentation in the library.

Prerequisite Requirements for BC

Admission to the college and use of your NetID is required to use the process on this page. These two processes allow you to upload a PDF document or to request an English or math placement test if needed.

View the Student Central Processing Dashboard for current updates on processing prerequisite requests

Use this process if you wish to register for an English or math class. There are a variety of ways you can clear/verify a prerequisite for an English or math class. These include the following:

  • High School Documents: unofficial transcript, Smarter Balanced Test Scores, AP/IB/Cambridge test scores
  • ALEKS (math) and ACCUPLACER test scores from other colleges
  • Unofficial college transcripts
  • GED
  • TOEFL/IELTS reports

Click on the button below to upload your documents or to ask to take a placement test. Some documents may expire after one or two years. Check the English and Math Placement site for detailed information.

Clear/Verify English and Math Prerequisites

Use this process if you wish to enroll for a class other than English or math, even if the class has an English or math requirement.

We accept the following documentation:

  • Unofficial copies of AP/IB reports
  • Unofficial college or university transcripts
    • Your unofficial transcript must include:
      •  your full name
      •  the name of the school
      •  your full enrollment history by quarter or semester
      • the credits and grades you received
  • Current enrollment in a COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY course
    • Submit screenshots/documentation showing current enrollment in a prerequisite course
    • We will respond with conditions you must agree to
    • You may receive conditional clearance with a deadline to provide final grade
    • When deadline to provide passing final grade is not met, you may be dropped from the conditionally enrolled course
    • This does NOT include college-in-the-high school courses where you cannot show current dual enrollment in an associated college
  • We do not accept:
    • High school transcripts (use the Request English and Math Placement process for high school transcripts)
    • Test scores from other schools – submit these using the English and Math Placement process
    • Progress reports
    • Or other types of documents not listed above

Note: This process does not transfer your credits to the college. If you wish to transfer a course to Bellevue College to meet degree or certificate requirements, please use the Transfer Credit Review process

Clear/Verify Prerequisites for Classes other than English or Math