Learn Astronomy in the Planetarium

In our 30-feet planetarium dome, we are able to recreate the clear night sky. The projection system (Evans and Sutherland Digistar 3 2PHD system) enables students to explore the stars, constellations, the Solar System, and other objects, and allows them to travel through the universe in their classroom.

College courses in astronomy that are taught in B244 are held in the planetarium, which is a unique feature of our College. This includes in-person and hybrid sections of Astronomy 100, Astronomy 101, and parts of Astronomy 201 (typically offered in Spring).

“Rings of Saturn” playing in our Planetarium dome and Astronomy Instructors: Guadalupe Lizana (left), Pat Terhune-Inverso (center) & Joel Lamb (right).

Planetarium Shows

Our planetarium is open for community groups with limited availability and upon request. We are currently prioritizing community and education organizations who center their work on supporting underrepresented STEM students, as well as Bellevue College classes and groups who have an interest in the planetarium.

If you are a community or education organization supporting underrepresented STEM students who want to visit our planetarium, please complete the planetarium show interest form and we will respond with availability.

We are currently working on a refurbishment of the planetarium operating system, and determining what school and public show offerings would look like in the future (school year 2024-25 and beyond).

Any updates to this policy will be communicated through the Bellevue College’s Astronomy Department and the Science and Math Institute.

Full-dome projection of the Milky Way Galaxy, showing Equatorial Coordinates.

Last Updated February 28, 2024