CHEM 100: Chemical Explorations - 5 credits

Presents basic concepts of chemistry using a relatively non-mathematical approach. Topics include measurement, atomic and molecular structure, the periodic table, chemical vs. physical changes, acids and bases, and the social and environmental role of chemistry. Same as CHEM& 110. Only one of the two (CHEM 100 or CHEM&110) may be taken for credit.

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About this course

This course is for non-science majors, or can be used as a very basic science course to prepare for CHEM& 121 (for students with limited science backgrounds.)

Textbooks used:

Science 101 Chemistry Book Molecules at an Exhibition








Chem 110 is similar content to Chem 100 but includes a laboratory component and is taught as a fully online course, using kitchen/household chemicals to perform labs.

Please email Chris Shelley or Jennie Mayer for more information.

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Last Updated August 20, 2017