Chem& 110

About this course

This course is for non-science majors and expects no chemistry background. This course could also provide a chemistry foundation for future courses in chemistry if you have a very limited science background.

CHEM& 110 is similar content to Chem 100 but includes a laboratory component and is taught as a fully online course, using kitchen/household chemicals to perform labs.

Textbooks used for CHEM 100 and CHEM&110:

Science 101 Chemistry CHEMISTRY of COOKING!
Starting Winter 2017, we are adding a Chemistry of Cooking theme to teach chemistry through the lens of food science!  This course section will require some basic cooking – no previous experience required! Labs will involve cooking and will require you to have access to a kitchen and groceries. You also need to have access to a digital camera (camera phones ok) to take photos of your work.

This course is taught fully online with no required trips to campus (but may involve an optional day on campus, to be determined during the quarter).

Here is a sample syllabus:  CHEM&110 Chemistry of Cooking Syllabus Sp17 Mayer

The required text is “Cooking for Geeks” 2nd edition, by Jeff Potter. A recommended textbook is “On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen” by Harold McGee.
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Last Updated August 20, 2017