Frequently Asked Questions

For college, you need to apply for admissions. Once your application is processed (3-5 business days), you receive a ctcLink student ID.

Enrolling (registering) is actually signing up for the class, you must do this, it is NOT automatic when you apply.

Activate your account, when you receive your ctcLink student ID, it will ask you to activate your account–which creates a password to go with the ctcLink student ID and you can sign in to register. PLEASE WRITE DOWN AND SAVE THIS INFORMATION.

Check the drop deadlines for the correct term and make sure you drop by that date.

  • Drop without a “W” withdrawal on transcript, this means you have dropped the course and you will not have the course listed on your transcript.
  • Drop with a “W” withdrawal on transcript, this means that you missed the above deadline and now will receive a “W” on your transcript in place of a grade, just meaning you withdrew from the class.

Yes, you can however, you just need to complete the application for Bellevue College first and you will be assigned the same ID number. Apply at Bellevue College

Contact Susan Hampson at and you will be added to the College in the High School Student Group for registration.

Contact Susan Hampson at: to have the hold removed.

Contact the Center for High School Programs at:

Contact Susan Hampson at:

Starting with the 23-24 academic year, College in the High School is free. However, if you still have unpaid fees from academic years past, you must pay them before you can register.

Allow 2-4 business days for application processing, you will be sent a “Welcome” email to the email address you listed in your application.

Still having trouble finding the ID?

  • Did you check the clutter and junk boxes in your email? Do that first, if you still don’t find it—
  • Then-contact Susan Hampson at:

If you are a parent, asking for your student, we can only give that information directly to the student.

Again, only a student can ask about password recovery.

Please email

IT service desk

Is the issue with: (please be specific)

  • Your ctclink ID account activation OR the password
  • Your NetID

Please include the following information in your email:

  • ctclink number,
  • First and last name
  • Phone number that can take text messages
  • Picture of government ID

Last Updated April 2, 2024