About College in the High School (CHS)

College in the High School (CHS) is a concurrent enrollment program that expands education options for 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students. A partnership between local school districts and Bellevue College (BC) provides students with the opportunity to simultaneously earn college credit from Bellevue while fulfilling high school requirements. Students apply for admission to BC, register for CHS, and complete the college coursework that is taught by qualified high school teachers in their high school.

Teachers are selected based on the college’s hiring criteria for adjunct faculty. Approved CHS high school teachers work closely with their discipline-specific faculty coordinator to ensure the work the students perform in the CHS course is equivalent to the course offered on the college campus. The program is governed by an interagency agreement between the college and the school district which outlines the roles and responsibility of each party. The agreements are renewed annually.

Students accumulate college credits and accelerate their academic accomplishments without sacrificing their high school experience. Upon completion of the CHS course, grades are submitted, and, in addition to their high school transcript, a college transcript is created in the college database, just as it is for students taking on-campus courses.  Students access their college transcript through the BC website.

Bellevue’s College in the High School program operates under the standards of the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP). As the sole accrediting body for concurrent enrollment partnerships, NACEP works to ensure that college courses offered by high school teachers in their school districts adhere to the highest national standards and support the common interest of effectively and successfully helping bridge the transition from high school to college.