BC Vaccination Attestation (Confirmation)and Exemption Information

To protect the health and safety of the Bellevue College campus community and the public, the College requires all faculty, staff and students to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 with an authorized vaccine unless an individual receives an authorized exemption.  

The college requires all employees and students to submit a COVID-19 Vaccination Attestation (Confirmation) Form.

  • College employees submit the COVID-19 Employee Vaccination Attestation Form
  • Students submit the COVID-19 Student Vaccination Attestation (Confirmation) Form
  • Student-Employees only submit the employee form and do not have to submit a duplicate student form.

Employees and students use the COVID-19 Vaccination form to:  

  • Verify, confirm or attest they are fully vaccinated; or  
  • Request an exemption from the vaccination requirement for medical or sincerely held religious beliefs.
    • Individuals who are granted an exemption and are not fully vaccinated must comply with all state, local and college guidelines. 

VaccineSeries Dose RequirementFirst Dose No Later ThanSecond DoseComplete SeriesFully Vaccinated
Pfizer2 doses, 21 days apart8/15/20229/5/2022

Moderna2 doses, 28 days apart8/8/20229/5/20229/5/20229/19/2022
Johnson & JohnsonSingle dose9/5/2022

Student Grouping Deadline
Full Vaccination
Approved within 1 business day
Partial Vaccination
(Series complete: 2 week wait)
Approved within 1 business day once fully vaccinated (2-weeks after final shot in series).
Partial Vaccination
(Series incomplete: 1 of 2 shots)
Hold put on registration until resubmitted with information on 2nd shot and 2-week wait.
Exemption Request
Approved within 1 business day of submission; **Students who submitted prior to 11/4/21 must resubmit**
Exemption Request
Hold put on registration until approved. See calendar for suggested submission date.
Incomplete Attestation Form
Hold put on registration until approved.
Not Vaccinated
Denied within 24 business hours.
*As of 11/04/2021
**Except by some case by case per DRC

Drop-In Verification

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Employee Vaccination Exemption Forms


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Last Updated November 23, 2022