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The Digital Media Arts Program at Bellevue College puts you on a path to a career in digital arts. Earn an associate degree in Digital Media Arts, complete a certificate in a specific field of study and gain hands-on experience with top digital arts software.

With curriculum updated every year to meet industry and business demands, you’ll learn the foundations and latest development of software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Maya, Unreal Engine, Unity, Houdini, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Da Vinci and more.

Explore more about the Digital Media Arts program to find how you can gain skills for a career in:

  • Visual Design
  • Game Design
  • Film & Video Production
  • 3D Design
  • Graphics Design
  • And More…

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Degree and Certificates

Earn an associate degree in Digital Media Arts or complete a certificate in 3D Design, Game Design, Video Production, Advanced Video Production, or Visual Design. Most certificates can be completed in 9 months at full-time status.

Digital Media Arts, AA

Two-year, 90-credit program that prepares you for the future. Learn foundations of digital media arts and advanced study in specific areas of interest.

Focus Areas:
• Visual Design
• Film
• Game Design
• Video

3D Design Certificate

25-credit certificate for a career in 3D art, design and development. One of few programs in the state to offer hands-on experience with Houdini.

Career Tracks:
• 3D Artist
• 3D Modeler
• Environment Artist
• Cinematics Artist

Game Design Certificate

25-credit certificate for game enthusiasts and designers. Learn how to develop games using digital tools and engines, board games, and card games.

Career Tracks:
• Game Designer
• Level Designer
• Systems Designer
• Multiplayer Designer

Video Production Certificate

25-credit certificate about the fundamentals of video production. Explore industry-leading software, film techniques and how to turn a vision into reality.

Career Tracks:
• Director
• Video Editor
• Cinematographer
• Video Producer

Advanced Video Production Certificate

One year, 48-credit certificate of on-the-job training. Participate as a producer or crew member for Television Services production and gain comprehensive video production experience.

Career Tracks:
• Director
• Video Editor
• Cinematographer
• Video Producer

Visual Design Certificate

25-credit certificate in a high-demand field that combines graphic design, motion design, web design, and UX/UI design. Create work in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign and Adobe After Effects.

Career Tracks:
• Graphic Designer
• Visual Designer
• UX/UI Designer
• Motion Designer

What Our Students Say

The DMA program at BC has been perfect for me. It’s affordable and the courses in the visual and video programs plus taking advantage of Work Study opportunities have prepared me to step back into the job market. I now have the confidence and skillsets needed to successfully find a job in my desired market and a portfolio to showcasing my work.

Brittne Stovall

What Can You Produce?

Explore some of the past work of our students to see what you’ll learn.

Hands-On Experience

Graphic & Visual Design

Game Design

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Start a degree or certificate in Digital Media Arts any quarter of the year. Our open admissions policy lets you get started Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer as long as classes are available.

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