Apply to Bellevue

Apply for Admission to Bellevue College

First check the list below to see if the program you wish to participate in or the degree you wish to pursue requires a different admission process. Click on the appropriate link for details on admission and registration requirements and processes specific to that program.

Applicants not participating in one of the programs listed below may apply for General Admission

  • Click on the green button below. The link takes you to the Washington State Community and Technical College Web Admissions Center. Follow the Quick Start Instructions provided on the site.  Make sure to complete the application process by clicking on the Submit Button located at the bottom of the college listing of choices.
  • Allow up to 5 business days for the college to process your application.
  • Check your email often. Once we process your application we send a welcome email with your student ID number and instructions on the next steps you need to complete before you register for classes. You may also view these next steps by going to Getting Started at Bellevue College.
  • The college places a $55 application fee on your account at the time we process your application. You pay this fee at the time you pay your first quarter tuition. Once paid, the fee is non-refundable.
  • If you do not register for classes, you do not pay the application fee.
  • Additional details on getting started is available at Starting at Bellevue


Apply for General Admission


These Programs Require Different Admissions Processes