Get Started with Canvas

The eLearning department provides Student Canvas Training at Bellevue College in three ways.

Student Canvas Instructor-Led Online Workshop

This is an in-depth, hands-on “How to Navigate Canvas” at Bellevue College. For students new to online learning at Bellevue College, a free, non-credit training, self-paced with daily tasks online over four days.

Student Canvas Live 60-minute Training

Our Canvas Live 60-minute training introduces new students to online education to learn strategies for student canvas success in an hour. Offered the first five days of each quarter via Zoom.

Student Canvas Peer-to-Peer Live Training

Our Student Canvas Peer-to-Peer Live, P2P Training support online all quarter long using Zoom. Gain helpful tips, and ask your Canvas-related questions as they come up.

eLearning website:


Twitter: @CanvasStudent

Last Updated August 10, 2022