Student Canvas Peer to Peer Live Support

Student Canvas Training outdoors
Summer Student Canvas Support Outdoors

Summer 2021

Join our Student Canvas Peer to Peer Live Support in Zoom. Bellevue College email required to sign into the Zoom session. Gain helpful tips, and ask your Canvas related questions as they come up.

Student Canvas P2P Live Support sessions begin Tuesday July 13th.

Student Canvas P2P Live Support is available Summer 2021 quarter July 13th through August 13th.

Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday 11:00 am to 1:00 pm P2P Live Support Link to be posted July 6th.

Ask questions, connect with your peers and learn something new. Monday through Friday connect via Zoom to ask your Canvas questions. Like…

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Student Canvas Training Online

Student Canvas Support at Bellevue College is provided in three ways by eLearning.

Instructor-Led Online Workshop

Live 60-minute Training

Peer to Peer Live Support

eLearning website:

Email: Twitter: @CanvasStudent

Awarded Financial Aid? Great! Apply to be an eLearning Project Assistant.