ENGL 091 Basic Grammar & Sentence Patterns • 5 Cr.

Reviews parts of speech, verb tenses, basic sentence patterns, and punctuation in the context of students' own writing. Students learn to combat writer's block, find and correct grammatical mistakes, and understand what teachers are telling them about their writing. Open to both native and non-native speakers. Course is graded credit/no credit. Prerequisite: Placement by assessment into ENGL 071 or higher.

ENGL 105 Grammar & Communication • 5 Cr.

Provides an analytical overview of English grammar and sentence patterns, with emphasis on how language creates meaning. Students learn to clarify and control their own writing and understand the basic grammatical structures of foreign languages. Prerequisite: Placement by assessment; or ENGL 092 or 093 with a C- or better.


Last Updated June 18, 2015