Value of an English Major

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All of our English course offerings help students hone their ability to observe, analyze, synthesize, and communicate ideas. Literature classes explore the question of what it means to be human and enlarge our understanding of ourselves and others. Writing classes develop the skills needed to convey what we know with clarity and precision. These English skills are the “hidden agenda” behind most career successes. Professionals can go only so far in most fields before their English skills will determine their ability to advance. Employers recognize this fact, making an English major a valuable asset in any job search.

English Placement and Challenge Test

First, visit Placement and Testing Services for information on English placement tests at Bellevue College.

If your placement on the Accuplacer test is borderline, your test results sheet will tell you so and will advise you to take the English Challenge Test. The Challenge Test requires you to read a short article  and write an essay in response to a question about the article. If you  take the Challenge Test, it is possible that you will receive a higher placement.

NOTE:  You may take this test ONLY if you have already taken the Accuplacer test.  Student must have placement of at least 072 to be eligible to take the Challenge Test.

English Courses

Transfer Advice

If you want to become an English Major at a four-year college or university, (1) fulfill the requirements for our two-year transfer degree, (2) take English classes in your areas of interest, and (3) check with the school you intend to transfer to for its requirements. (Note: Establishing an ongoing contact with a specific advisor at your intended transfer institution is also a good idea.) Major Transfer Guide: English [PDF]

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Last Updated January 19, 2023