Jun Xu, Ph.D Picture

Jun Xu, Ph.D

Sabbatical - Fall Quarter 2019 & Winter/Spring 2020


Jun holds a Ph. D in Language and Rhetoric from the English Department at the University of Washington. Her dissertation is titled “Where Knowledge Thrives: The Role of the Metaphorical in Scientific Process,” and its writing was supported by an Alvord Dissertation Fellowship. Her Master degree essay, “Austen’s Fans and Fans’ Austen,” was awarded the Himmelman Graduate Award and published in the Journal of Literary Semantics.

Jun holds another Ph. D degree in bio-organic chemistry from the Department of Chemistry at the University of Washington.  She also had worked as a postdoctoral fellow for one and a half years, first in bio-organic chemistry and then pharmaceutics.  She did research on bacterial genomes, the mechanisms of bacterial antibiotic production, the causes of antibiotic resistance, and the alterations of antibiotic structures through organic synthesis and gene manipulation, which led to twelve articles published in Journal of American Society, Microbiology, Journal of Organic Chemistry, and other scientific journals.

Jun devotes her research to the intersection of science and the humanities through interdisciplinary studies.  As a writing teacher, through teaching argumentation, Jun steers academic inquiry to civil engagement in the courses such as ENGL&101, ENGL092, ENGL093, and ENGL201. She also teaches technical writing to equip students with professional skills.  She is working on a STEM-focused writing course to promote scientific classroom literacy and facilitate students’ transition to science courses.  In addition to teaching, Jun also serves as an ENGL&101 Assessment Project Lead.