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Karrin Peterson


I am Karrin Peterson: mother, wife, daughter, English instructor, gardener, and “sustainable living” activist. Because of the passion I feel for my roles, I find the lines between each blur and merge, as the jagged teeth of the Olympic Mountains and the ember sky do when I am sitting on my deck at 10:30 on a clear summer eve. I steal such moments when I need to find myself again. But I also find myself in the student garden and in my classrooms, both live and online. Teaching and gardening are so very similar. In the garden, I help students plant seeds. With sun, water, and a little love (not unlike the love a mother gives the child), plants emerge and grow to feed our bodies and our minds with the marvel of life. So it is in the classroom. There, I strive to plant seeds of self-motivation and method, so all my students can grow to become competent writers – a skill necessary to meet their full potential and to find fulfilling, happy spaces within our complicated world, as I have. Thus, I find solace in teaching, and a sense of wonder and gratitude for the privilege of watching people grow.