Excellence in Online Instruction Suite


Excellence in Online Instruction Suite

For instructors who teach online or hybrid courses, these workshops are a must! Both the Faculty Commons and eLearning provide BC faculty with opportunities to build your online teaching effectiveness and your ability to use tools in Canvas.

THE FACULTY COMMONS offers quarter-long collaborative Online Teaching Best Practices workshops and Teaching Squares to help you refine your courses, bringing together the tools and effective, equity-based pedagogy for online learning. Visit our Current Events Catalog to see what workshops we are offering this quarter.

Online Teaching Squares

This workshop is for instructors who have taught online courses and completed CANVAS 101 training or its equivalent.
Online Teaching Squares allows experienced faculty with intermediate to advanced levels of Canvas skills to gain new perspectives and insights into their online courses. To start, we will review basic online teaching best practices. Based on those shared practices, each participant then finds positive attributes in a colleague’s hybrid or online course that they can apply to their own course. Each Online Teaching Square consists of three to four faculty members, preferably from different disciplines, who observe each other’s online course for a quarter and then discuss, through a guided process, what they’ve learned from the observations.
16 PD Hours (You will need to commit to 16 hours of steady work over the quarter to fulfill the requirements of this workshop. The success of a teaching square depends on consistent interactions with participants.)

Creating Animated Videos

Want to engage students in the online environment right from the start? This workshop helps faculty make their own animated videos to use in Canvas courses! Participants will be using Powtoon to create, edit, publish and share a video – either a self-introduction, welcome, or tutorial video. This interactive and hands-on workshop will help you produce attention-grabbing videos that can make your course more engaging and easier to navigate.

Quality Online Pedagogy

Discover how to be a more effective online educator! This pedagogy workshop focuses on investigating current evidence-based practices in teaching online/hybrid courses. Discussions and exercises center on topics such as effective course navigation, universal design, accessible content, copyright and fair use, effective discussions and transparent assessments, diversity and equity in online learning, and the future of online education. The workshop is organized as a seminar, with each meeting focused around particular topics. Most sessions will allow time for both discussion of the topic and time for presentation of redeveloped course material examples.

This is not an introductory workshop on how to set up your first course online. This workshop is for instructors who have experience teaching hybrid or online and are looking for a facilitated peer group to find the tools and energy to take their courses to the next level.  To learn how to use Canvas tools, take Canvas 101 in eLearning instead.

This is a selection of offerings for 2020-2021 academic year so you can plan your PD pathway for excellence in online teaching.

*Canvas 101*Canvas 101*Canvas 101
Canvas 201Canvas 201Canvas 201
Accessibility 101Accessibility 101Accessibility 101
Drop-in SupportDrop-in SupportDrop-in Support
Online Teaching Squares Quality Online PedagogyOnline Teaching Squares
High 5 in the Online/Virtual Classroom High 5 in the Online/Virtual Classroom High 5 in the Online/Virtual Classroom
Preparing for an Inclusive Online/Remote Class Preparing for an Inclusive Online/Remote Class Preparing for an Inclusive Online/Remote Class
TILT: Assignment Re-design TILT: Assignment Re-design TILT: Assignment Re-design
Virtual Teaching Talks about Online/Remote Instruction Virtual Teaching Talks about Online/Remote Instruction Virtual Teaching Talks about Online/Remote Instruction
Creating Animated VideosCreating Animated VideosCreating Animated Videos

eLEARNING in the LMC D140 is the place to go to learn the tools, whether in a quarter-long online workshop, dropping in to work with an instructional designer, or participating in a short walk-in workshop on one tool. Go to the eLearning website for more information. *If you have not completed Canvas 101, we highly recommend that you begin with that workshop before any other.


Last Updated August 4, 2020