Is it possible to have my group meet in the Faculty Commons outside of the open hours?

Yes. To access the Commons before or after our regular business hours, please contact Aris Andrade.Please note: If you were not able to contact Aris at least 48 hours prior to your meeting, call Public Safety ext. 2400 for access.

What resources are available at the Faculty Commons?

The Faculty Commons provides a relaxed atmosphere where faculty members can prepare for classes, where divisions can hold meetings, and where larger events can be held.  We invite faculty to drop in to prepare, chat with colleagues, use our resource library,  check out a Surface for use in the Commons or explore our educational technology room.  To schedule a division meeting or an event, please contact Aris Andrade.

Can I bring my lunch to eat at the Faculty Commons?

Absolutely.  We have a kitchen with a refrigerator and microwave, as well as coffee, tea, and healthy snack bars.  We suggest a small donation for the beverages and snacks to help cover our costs for providing these amenities.

What are you thinking?

Please share your thoughts and ideas with the Commons and connect with us! at facultycommons@bellevuecollege.edu

Last Updated June 21, 2018