New Faculty Orientation – Spring 2020

New Faculty Orientation to Bellevue College

Faculty attending the New Faculty Orientation

Due to COVID-19, our next orientation will be online: June 5-12, 2020. Don’t miss out, register today.

If you are a new faculty and need support, please email Archana Alwar.

This orientation course is designed and developed for new faculty at Bellevue College with four main goals in mind.

  • Provide new faculty with essential information needed before the quarter starts
  • Provide new faculty with information about campus resources that support both faculty and students
  • Provide new faculty with opportunities to interact with other faculty¬†members
  • Provide new faculty with information about the culture and the organizational structure of the college

Stipend:$100 (funded by the Office of Academic Affairs) is available upon completion of the orientation evaluation.

Last Updated May 28, 2020