New Faculty Orientation – Fall 2022

New Faculty Orientation to Bellevue College

Faculty attending the New Faculty Orientation

Our next orientation will be in September 2022. Date: TBD

This two-part orientation to Teaching at Bellevue College consists of:

  1. The online orientation to complete (approx. 3 hours).
  2. One synchronous in-person meeting or via Zoom.

Tenure-Track Faculty, register here!

Adjunct Faculty, register here!

For new adjunct faculty support, please email Taylor Dalrymple

For new tenure-track faculty support, please email Leslie Lum.

This orientation course is designed and developed for new faculty at Bellevue College with four main goals in mind.

  • Provide new faculty with essential information needed before the quarter starts
  • Provide new faculty with information about campus resources that support both faculty and students
  • Provide new faculty with opportunities to interact with other faculty members
  • Provide new faculty with information about the culture and the organizational structure of the college

Stipend: $100 (funded by the Office of Academic Affairs) is available upon completion of the orientation evaluation. Please note that you must be teaching to qualify for the stipend.

Last Updated May 5, 2022