Academic Concentration in History

What is an Academic Concentration in History?

Students pursuing an Associates in Arts and Sciences can earn an Academic Concentration in History notation on their transcript.  

In your final quarter at BC, complete a Graduation Application and submit it to the graduation office electronically.  Note: You will need to complete two separate Graduation Applications – one for your degree and one for your Academic Concentration.

Detailed instructions can be found on Bellevue College’s Graduation page.

How can students earn an Academic Concentration in History?

Complete 20 credits in History (earning a grade of “C-“ or better in each class), as follows*

GROUP A = Complete One course in United States History (5 credits):

  • HIST& 146: U.S. History I
  • HIST& 147: U.S. History II
  • HIST& 148: U.S. History III


GROUP B = Complete One course in World History (5 credits)

  • HIST 101: History of Civilization—Cultural Traditions
  • HIST 102: History of Civilization—Middle Ages
  • HIST 103: History of Civilization—Contemporary World
  • HIST 120: Global History


GROUP C = Complete One Thematic History course (5 credits):

  • HIST 150:    African American History
  • HIST 185:    History of Latin America
  • HIST 205:    History of World War II
  • HIST 210:    Modern Asia
  • HIST 212:    Sport in America—A Social History
  • HIST& 214:  Pacific Northwest History
  • HIST 245:    The U.S. in World Affairs
  • HIST 246:    History of Immigration to the U.S.
  • HIST 250:    U.S. Military History
  • HIST 261:    Middle East in the Islamic Era
  • HIST 280:    Africa


Complete One additional course (5 credits) from either Group B (World History) or Group C (Thematic History course), but not Group A (U.S. History)

*A specific course may be used for no more than one distribution or skill area requirement. All classes used for credit toward the Concentration must be completed in the History Department at Bellevue College. We strongly recommend students consult with a faculty member in the History department before completing the form or pursuing the Concentration. The college makes no commitment that by completing the Concentration requirements at BC the student has met the pre-major requirements at a particular baccalaureate institution. Students are required to acknowledge that to have an Academic Concentration placed on their permanent BC record they must fulfill all relevant requirements set by BC and the department in which they have their academic concentration. In addition, they agree to maintain satisfactory academic progress (2.0GPA). 

Last Updated April 4, 2024